Trump’s Newest EO Sends Democrats Into a Tailspin

During the pandemic crisis, millions of Americans found themselves out of work. To ensure their jobs would still be there when states reopened, Trump halted some forms of legal immigration. This week, he signed a new order that put a pause on a program that would have taken even more jobs from American workers.

Before COVID-19, there was near-full employment. Donald Trump’s policies not only brought jobs back from overseas, he saved numerous industries that were on the brink (thanks to Obama). Trump’s tax cuts bill and regulation slashing resulted in companies having more money to hire high-quality workers.

But thanks to nationwide shutdowns, millions of Americans were temporarily put out of work. How would it look if Americans were stuck in their homes, while we let millions of newcomers show up, looking for jobs? Trump halted some green card requests in April, to protect American jobs. Now, he’s taking the extra step to freeze a controversial program.

President Trump on Monday signed an executive order that significantly expands current immigration restrictions to include a number of guest-worker programs, including the H-1B visa — an order the administration says will put Americans first for jobs as the economy emerges from coronavirus lockdowns…

The new order extends the measure and goes further by pausing new H-1B tech worker visas, H-2B seasonal worker visas, certain J work and education exchange visitor visas and L executive transfer visas.

It will be in effect until the end of the year and will not affect those who already have a visa, Fox News is told. [Source: Fox News]

Big corporations, including big tech, love the H-1B visa program. It allows companies to bring in foreign workers, force Americans to train them, and when they leave—they take the jobs with them! This system has allowed companies to shift white collar jobs overseas for years. That, in addition to replacing American staff here with foreign workers.

That made the program unpopular with America First advocates for years. But during this COVID nonsense? It is unthinkable that companies were still accepting foreign workers, when Americans needed to get back to work.

The administration is predicting this will free up around 600,000 jobs. Companies that would have resorted to foreign workers will now be looking at hiring Americans. Seems reasonable to me. President Trump promised to put Americans first. How could he turn a blind eye to companies who hired outsiders, when so many Americans are out of work?

This comes just as the country rebounds after the lockdowns. “Experts” were predicting a recession, hoping it would hurt Trump’s re-election chances. But that never came about. By May, the country was revving up again—with signs that it will return to normal through the summer. That means businesses and companies that were shuttered in the spring will be looking to hire.

This order will prevent the H-1B system from undercutting Americans’ chances are returning to work.

Naturally, critics are already complaining about Trump’s order. Including—shocker—Twitter. The company posted a significantly biased message about the order, saying, “This proclamation undermines America’s greatest economic asset: its diversity.” Diversity is code, of course, for cheap labor.

Companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter rely on cheap labor from Asia and other parts. They’d rather hire people who will work for peanuts, than pay Americans a fare wage. Yet these companies are run by Democrats who claim they care about the little guys.

Odd, huh?

The fact remains that, for years, Democrats have embraced globalism to get rich and powerful. Pretending to support Americans, they sat back as jobs were shipped overseas and millions of outsiders (both legal and illegal) took jobs here at home.

In fact, they’d rather see the unemployment numbers rise—just to spite the president.

Pretty sick, if you ask me.

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