Trump’s New Manufacturing Plan Deals Heavy Blow To China

Since the start of the COVID panic, President Trump has urged for a return to drug manufacturing in the U.S. He has warned that we can no longer trust China to produced such vital goods necessary for our health and well-being. Democrats and the media continue to protect China, ignoring the threat. But the president just announced a big win: that will have both China and leftists outraged.

Long before COVID-19, Donald Trump was hammering China. When every last politician was bowing to the communist state, Trump was sounding the alarm. He knew that for America to thrive, we needed to wrestle back enough manufacturing from the Chinese. The communist government was flourishing because our businesses and lawmakers kowtowed to them.

Many of Trump’s warnings were ignored by the media. The media, after all, is also in bed with Chinese companies. But when COVID hit, suddenly lawmakers and leaders realized what a mistake it was to rely on a foreign nation for much of our goods. When China threatened to withhold medical supplies and drugs from the U.S., many realized we need to stop cooperating with this hostile nation.

Now, Trump has announced a new initiative that will bring back some drug manufacturing back to the U.S.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump announced a deal with upstate New York company Eastman Kodak in an effort to start bringing back vital pharmaceutical drug ingredient manufacturing to the United States, an apparent response to strains emphasized during the China-originated novel coronavirus pandemic…

The deal with Kodak is intended to “help expedite domestic production of drugs that can treat a variety of medical conditions and loosen the U.S. reliance on foreign sources.”

“The onetime leader in photography sales is gearing up to produce ingredients for a number of generic drugs, including the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine that President Trump has touted in the treatment of coronavirus,” the report outlined. “Meanwhile, the U.S. is aiming to shift from relying on countries such as China and India, Kodak Chief Executive Jim Continenza and U.S. officials said.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The administration is providing a loan to Eastman Kodak through the Defense Production Act. The company will begin production of ingredients used in generic drugs and medication. Which means, that not only will an American company be producing more, but the ingredients will be used to make affordable medicines.

Recently, President Trump signed four executive orders aimed at reducing the cost of prescription medicine. It seems this latest deal is a continuation of that effort, providing affordable ingredients for generic medication.

The deal will also create hundreds of jobs, while also relieving our reliance on China a little bit more. In recent months, lawmakers have discussed bills that would not only incentivize companies to build in America, but hold China accountable for its role in the pandemic.

Attorney General Barr has sounded the alarm over China’s growing influence in the United States. The State Department has hit the country with sanctions, with probably more to come.

But will American businesses wake up to the threat China poses to our country? The Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated businesses, social media, universities, and more. They seek to impose their communist agenda across all segments of American life. American businesses don’t seem to care, because they are eager to receive investments and support from Chinese businesses.

Democrats lead the charge by ignoring the threat China poses, even calling people who criticize the communist state as “racist” (an argument they got from China).

Joe Biden, for his part, has long been in bed with the communist regime. He’d do nothing to stop them.

It seems the only person willing to confront this new Red Menace is Donald Trump.

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