Trump’s Latest Biden Troll Is Nothing Short Of Genius

In only a week, Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden will face off against President Donald Trump. Many liberals urged Biden not to do the debates—but at this time, the man is going for it. Americans will get to see if the man ailing from dementia can withstand a battering from the president. Trump talked about the big event the day before. He said he thinks Biden will “do great.” Then he dropped the hammer.

Nearly a month before the first debate would be held, a narrative started to spread among Democrats. They claimed, because Trump was a “liar,” Joe Biden was not obligated to debate him. Never mind the fact that the entire point of a debate is to prove your opponent wrong. Even Pelosi told Joe not to debate Trump.

We know the real reason why. Joe Biden consistently shows signs of severe mental decline. Even with a script and a teleprompter, the man has trouble finishing sentences. He gets easily confused, loses his temper, and often insults entire ethnic groups.

How will he perform next Tuesday, before a live audience—being watched by the world? Donald Trump gave his thoughts. After praising Joe’s upcoming performance, he utterly humiliated him.

President Trump said on Monday that he assumes Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s “going to do great” during the first presidential debate scheduled for next week, then went on to slam the former vice president.

“I’ve done more in 47 months than he’s done in 47 years and that’s absolutely true,” Trump told “Fox & Friends” in an exclusive interview on Monday…

“I don’t understand what’s going on. He doesn’t seem to be answering questions and he can’t answer questions and much worse a little while ago when he was on the stage with the Democrats, he couldn’t do well.” [Source: Fox News]

President Trump has asked for a drug test before the debates. That’s because he believes Joe Biden might be taking something to help him during appearances. That is most likely why he said Biden will “do great” at their first debate, because he is getting help in the form of pharmaceuticals.

But President Trump is making it clear he’s not going to rely on Biden’s potentially odd performance to beat him. After mentioning Joe, he hammered him by highlighting his many accomplishments compared to Biden.

It’s true that Biden has been in Washington for nearly fifty years. He served as a senator for a long time, before becoming vice president under Obama. Yet during all that time, what has Biden done?

In just a few short years, Trump has been a juggernaut in fulfilling his promises to voters. He’s lowered taxes, slashed regulations, brought back American energy, landed historic trade and peace deals, and even got America back from a global pandemic.

Meanwhile, Joe was hiding in his basement, doing nothing at all.

What can Joe offer America that’s better than Trump? He’s already promised to raise taxes, usher in the toxic Green New Deal, create bloated government handout programs, and destroy our energy dominance. With Biden in the White House, nearly every corner of the country will resemble poverty-rocked Baltimore and Detroit.

You won’t even be able to escape to the suburbs, because Joe will make sure the inner-city crime follows you there!

The contrast between candidates has never been more clear. Trump knows this. Regardless of how Biden gaffes or doesn’t, the president will remind Americans what’s really at stake during this election.

I doubt Biden will have much to say in response.

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