Trump’s Economic Report Shatters Records — Media Silent

The Trump economy continues to sizzle with arguably the best monthly economic numbers in US history.

Job numbers released today through the end of June were massive. There was an increase of nearly 5 Million jobs! And the unemployment rate dropped to 11.1%, more than 2 points lower than May’s 13.3%!

The Trump White House is no doubt ecstatic with the news from the BLS and July should be another record. The new jobs record smashed the estimates, with CNBC reporting:

Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been expecting a 2.9 million increase and a jobless rate of 12.4%. The report was released a day earlier than usual due to the July Fourth U.S. holiday.

According to data released this morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, President Trump added 4.8 million jobs to the economy in June. The markets are at a record pace and now jobs are coming back! This is great news after the horrendous economic disaster the China coronavirus placed on the economy. Before this, the United States and President Trump were enjoying the greatest economy in US and world history with the GDP at $23 trillion – more than any economy ever!

Up through February, the US economy had increased with more than 7 million jobs in the three years prior to that time – all under President Trump.

Also according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the US unemployment rate dropped to 11.1%.

President Trump is making the American economy great again.

Author: Joe Hoft

Source: The Gateway Pundit: JOBS JOBS JOBS – Happy 4th of July! US Sets Record for Most New Jobs in a Month Ever! 4.8 Million Jobs Created in June!

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