Trump’s Chief Of Staff Issues Warning To Democrats

By Adam Casalino October 9th, 2019 | Image Source: CNN

Democrats took the plunge – and Mulvaney is predicting major fallout!

Democrats are banking everything on impeaching Donald Trump. It’s a major political risk.

If they fail to impeach Trump, their hardcore base will be outraged. They might abandon the party bigtime.

That will probably lead to an easy re-election win for Trump.

But what if the House succeeds and passes articles of impeachment against the president? Do Democrats win then?

Um… not quite. Things get very interesting, to say the least.

And Trump’s Treasury Secretary, Mick Mulvaney is predicting big troubles if they do.

From Axios:

In numerous recent conversations with colleagues, including last week’s senior staff meeting, White House acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney has said he thinks President Trump could win 45 states in 2020 after the impeachment process — a magnitude of landslide that few if any independent pollsters would dare predict…

Mulvaney also believes that the longer the impeachment process drags on, the better it is, politically, for Trump, these sources added.

Wow. Mulvany predicts a “yuge” win for Trump if the Democrats manage to impeach Donald Trump. He even said it would be a 45-state win.

Think about it. If House Democrats vote to impeach Trump, the case goes to the Senate.

With the Senate in Republican hands, Trump is safe from being removed from office. No problems there.

But there will be a case.

Trump and his team will have the opportunity to present their case to the Senate—and the entire world.

Now, just imagine what Trump will bring to light under those circumstances? Biden’s relationship with Burisma is chump change compared to what will come out.

Democrat corruption could be exposed on titanic levels. They might not even survive what comes out.

Few Americans will be able to stomach them then.

And that’s not factoring the utter loss of trust Americans will have in Democrats for having the gall to impeach Donald Trump for political reasons.

A man who says he is fighting for all Americans. A president that is actually putting us first. Who has brought unemployment down to a 50-year low.

Yeah, you’re going to impeach that guy? Sounds like a mistake to us.

So, bring it on, Pelosi. I have a feeling Mulvaney is 100% correct.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Trump’s Chief Of Staff Warns Democrats – If They Impeach Donald, He Will Take 45 States In 2020 Landslide

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