Trump Unveils 4th of July Plans for 2020 – Liberals Furious

By Katie Pavlich July 9th, 2019 | Image Source: Town Hall

After a roaring success on Independence Day, President Trump announced from the White House Monday afternoon Salute to America will take place again next year.

“I hope you all had a truly wonderful Independence Day weekend in spite of the heavy rain, and it was really heavy, we had a remarkable Salute to America on the National Mall. Incredible,” Trump said. “Standing on the steps of the great Lincoln Memorial and looking out on the crowd, these incredible, big beautiful crowds braving the weather all the way back to the Washington Monument, we celebrated freedom and all of its magnificence while saluting our great military. It was something very special and I will say this, it was a wonderful day for all Americans.”

“Based on all of its success we’re just making the decision and I think we can say we’ve made the decision to do it again next year and maybe we can say for the foreseeable future,” he continued.

Last week hundreds-of-thousands of Americans flocked to the National Mall to participate in the historic event. President Trump gave a speech honoring each branch of military, coupled with flyovers of helicopters, fighter jets, bombers and the famous Blue Angels.

The annual fireworks display from the mall was extra spectacular after donors extended the length of the show.

Author: Katie Pavlich

Source: Town Hall: BREAKING: President Trump Says Salute to America Will Happen Again Next Year

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