Trump Trolls Media with Second Serving of Fast Food

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

This week, Donald Trump welcomed North Dakota State University football champions to the White House. Much like he did during the government shutdown—when he welcomed the NCAA football champions—he provided the students with a full banquet.

But, defying the prudish and arrogant media, he offered up a bevy of American-made sandwiches the hungry football players loved.

Trump is called the “blue-collar billionaire.”

That was his nickname for decades, as he dominated the cut-throat world of international land development. But what does that even mean? It means that, although he is extremely successful and wealthy, he has never lost sight of his roots. He is someone that is concerned with the everyday Joe, like you or me.

Most of the rich and powerful of the world hardly even think about us commoners. Even politicians, who claim they put us first, rarely show that level of concern. Donald Trump is nothing like them. He makes a special point to single out hard-working, regular people, wherever he goes.

It was a common during the 2016 election to see Trump stop his plans to thank each and every police officer or soldier who was providing security. He would delay his crucial campaign flights to shake their hands and thank them for their service.

Compare that to Bernie Sanders, who wouldn’t even acknowledge the men and women working to keep him safe.

During the government shutdown, Donald Trump welcomed the Clemson Tigers to the White House. But there was no White House staff to prepare them food. The president refused to not serve these strapping lads a hearty meal (Obama didn’t always feed the athletes who visited him). So, Trump ordered up a banquet of McDonald’s food.

The media had a field day. “McDonald’s at the White House!??” The stuck-up, elitists who run our media could not believe the president would serve this kind of food to visitors. Even though every last one of us has eaten at McDonald’s more than a few times.

This week, Trump repeated this clever trick, when he welcomed the North Dakota State University football champions to the White House. This time, in addition to the Big Macs, he offered up a Southern classic.

The president surprised the players with a spread of fast food to celebrate, similar to his event honoring the Clemson Tigers, the NCAA football champions.

This time, however, he included Chick-fil-A, with his order of Big Macs, delighting supporters of the president who also enjoy the food from the Southern-based fast-food company with Christian principles.

Trump urged the players to grab a sandwich during his speech.

“I would have one right up here, but I don’t think I want to do that because it would be too big a story for these people,” Trump said, motioning to the press. “They’ll say, ‘Isn’t it horrible? Isn’t it inappropriate?’” [Source: Breitbart]

Oh, you know those liberal journalists were furious over that. Most people on the left hate Chik-fil-a, because of its founder’s strong Christian faith.

The restaurant is known for providing Sunday’s off so their staff can go to church. It’s been blasted by the liberal media because of its owner’s opposition to gay marriage. The narrowminded left hates people who refuse to goosestep along with their ideas. So, in their minds, Chik-fil-a is empty number one.

Second to Donald Trump, of course.

But the athletes didn’t seem to mind. They get a free meal and plenty of it! Plus, they got to visit the White House and shake hands with the most success president in history.

To sum up Trump’s plan, he said, “We like American companies.” That’s good enough for me.

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