Trump Team Rules YouTube’s Homepage for 24 Hours

With just a week before the election, the president’s re-election team is pulling out all the stops to ensure a second term. As Joe Biden puts a lid on everything from rallies and appearances, Trump is moving into new territory to reach unreached and new votes from all walks of life. Today, the campaign is invading a major platform used by millions of young adults.

There are only seven days before Americans re-elect Donald Trump. I’m sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s only seven days before the election. Millions of Americans have already gone to the polls to vote early (some already trying to change their votes after Biden’s horrible last debate). Millions more will cast theirs on November 3. These last few days are crucial. But only one campaign is even trying.

Donald Trump has been traveling to swing states from coast to coast, speaking before tens of thousands in his epic rallies. Shirking bogus COVID rules, the events are branded “peaceful protests” and are held in outdoor venues like massive airfields. That has made them only more impressive, as the president arrives on the majestic Air Force One or another military vehicle.

Joe Biden on the other hand, put a lid this week on most of his events. Only at the event of the day yesterday did his campaign scramble to thrust him back into the spotlight. But recent live events have been great. Few people show up, even for Obama. And online events are just as bad, as Biden continues to spew gaffe after gaffe.

But Trump is not taking this election for granted. His campaign is making inroads into places once dominated by far-left “celebrities.” For an entire 24 hours, his campaign is dominating YouTube.

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign will take over YouTube’s homepage on Tuesday for 24 hours with a 7-figure ad buy, a huge investment one week from Election Day, Breitbart News has learned.

The move, enabled by Trump campaign investments early on in the 2020 cycle, will feature a number of key ads the president’s campaign hopes to sink in to the broader public in the final days before Americans head to the polls a week from Tuesday…

The first one features a narrator speaking about key themes of Trump’s rise to the White House, and moments from his presidency, on the backdrop of patriotic pictures of the president…

The final ad–meant to be a joke–is a 30-minute loop of the Trump campaign’s 15-second ad warning that Joe Biden is a “zombie” and encouraging Americans to get involved to “prevent the zombie uprising.” The 30-minute loop repeats the 15-second ad 120 straight times. [Source: Breitbart]

The ads dominate the top of YouTube’s homepage and will appear before videos in the apps. It is a powerful move to reach millions of voters—and rake up billions of views.

What’s interesting about this move is that, while both campaigns have used YouTube during the election, this massive buy shuts out Biden for an entire day. Biden’s campaign can’t demand “equal” time, because it was an ad buy negotiated long ago.

This is yet another strategic move Trump’s campaign has done over the year. They were able to get big ad buys during the Superbowl as well as during the Democratic primary debates. It’s clear his campaign is far more inventive and deliberate with their moves, while Biden keeps relying on the legacy media to save him.

According to reports, this ad buy will have more reach than CNN and MSNBC combined. I don’t know if that means YouTube is that powerful or if those networks are just that pathetic.

Either case, Trump is going gangbusters as Biden takes a nap.

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