Trump Tasks Next DHS Chief with Major Border Goal

President Trump’s signature campaign promise was to build a big beautiful wall to secure our southern border. While progress has been made, most of the border is lacking this barrier. Past Department of Homeland Security chiefs have dropped the ball. In fact, they seemed to oppose Trump’s agenda. But Trump has made his goals clear: the wall will go up in 2020.

Under Trump, we’ve had two heads of the DHS. The first one seemed reluctant to secure funding and plans to build the wall. The second openly defied the president, all but accusing him of racism.

It’s clear that far too many government officials are easily pressured by the D.C. swamp. They fear going all-in on Trump’s agenda, because they have their eyes on their future careers. Once Trump leaves office, they want cushy jobs with lobbying firms or other groups. Defying the corrupt D.C. machine would leave them in the cold. So they disobey their boss to curry the swamp’s favor.


But Trump hasn’t changed his vision for our country one bit since entering the White House. He is determined to secure our southern border—come hell or high water. He got rid of the last DHS head for his incompetence and is on the search for a new one. But this new guy better pay attention: Trump has big plans for him.

President Trump’s next Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary will be tasked with completing more than 400 miles of border wall before the 2020 presidential election to fulfill the administration’s most crucial promise to voters…

Thus far, the Trump administration has built between 70 and 74 miles of border wall at the United States-Mexico border, with the process moving exceptionally slowly throughout 2017 and 2018 as then-DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen repeatedly failed to secure funding for the project…

For years, DHS officials have been reluctant to release details on the number of miles of border wall constructed. In the last six months, though, DHS officials have routinely promised voters and Trump that they will have 500 miles of border wall fully constructed before the 2020 election — indicating that the project will need to move at a record pace to be completed in time. [Source: Breitbart]

We know that the wall has been slow to go up, thanks to Congress. Even when Republicans had a majority in both the House and Senate, they refused to pass legislation to fund the wall. The swamp runs deep and there were far too many corrupt politicians who don’t want a secure border.

The head of the DHS has to fight to fulfill Trump’s vision. One of the big reasons the wall isn’t finished is because past DHS chiefs weren’t on board with Trump’s plans. They could have pushed to get funding, worked with lawmakers, and made things happen.

Instead, they sat on their hands as the fake news and D.C. swamp pushed them around.

President Trump needs fighters in his corner, not government flunkies who cower to the mob.

Regardless, the president has serious plans for the wall. He wants nearly 400 miles of border wall built by the next election.

Sound impossible? Hardly. Trump is known for getting projects done on time and under budget. He has consistently defied the odds during his presidency. Even now Democrats scramble to oppose him with a bogus impeachment push—knowing their chances at success are slim. But the chances that Trump will succeed are very high.

He’s made good on nearly every campaign promise so far. The wall is simply a matter of time.

Even if most of it isn’t up by November 2020, Trump is in a good position. The real opposition comes from congressmen who don’t want the wall. All that Trump has to do is point to the D.C. swamp and their constant obstruction. Voters will come out in droves to tell Congress just what they think about them.

Maybe then they’ll finally get the message.

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