Trump Takes Revenge On Liberal Media Giant — And Boy Does It Taste Sweet

During the time Donald Trump was in office, you could count on one thing: the mainstream media would be totally dishonest about his presidency. Sure, it’s nothing new. We’ve seen the liberal media smear countless other Republicans before. But the lengths legacy media outlets went to misrepresent or outright lie about Trump boggled many Americans’ minds.

We all know the worst was CNN. The cable news station didn’t even try to hide its utter hatred for President Trump. Every show was an all-out hatefest for the man. Anchors, reporters, and their guests openly discussed assassinations, coups, and other fantasies that would remove Trump from office—on live TV!

As insane as all this seemed, it actually helped keep these networks alive in an age of growing alternative (and more trustworthy) media.

President Trump warned that when he was gone, these liberal networks would suffer. He specifically called out CNN time after time, saying the “very fake news” network would be out of business if it weren’t for him.

Well, what do ya know? Trump’s been gone for about two months. Guess how CNN’s looking?

CNN ratings have taken a nosedive, with the cable channel shedding 45% of its prime-time viewership in the last five weeks.

MSNBC’s audience has declined by 26% during the same timeframe.

“After surpassing rivals Fox News and MSNBC in January, the network [CNN] has lost 45 percent of its prime-time audience in the past five weeks, according to Nielsen Media Research,” the Washington Post noted. “MSNBC’s audience has dropped 26 percent in the same period. Fox News — the most Trump-friendly of the three networks in its prime-time opinion shows — has essentially regained its leading position by standing still; its ratings have fallen just 6 percent since the first weeks of the year,” the Post said. [Source: Just the News]

Almost immediately after Donald Trump left office, CNN started to see their ratings dive. They’ve actually lost 45% of their audience—a totally bludgeoning in ratings standards.

What does that tell us? That viewers were only tuning in to watch CNN criticize Donald Trump. When they switched over to their weak, pathetic coverage of Sleepy Joe Biden, people lost interest.

Perhaps their viewers were insane as well and only wanted to feed on CNN’s hate. Or, they expected CNN to hold all presidents “accountable” and lost faith when they watched CNN gush over a man who can’t even walk upstairs.

Without Trump and his administration to complain about, CNN literally has nothing to say. They can’t call out Joe Biden’s failures, because they would be contradicting their own liberal agenda. But nobody wants to watch a network that doesn’t report on the news.

If only CNN started to, you know, actually do a good job? Then maybe they wouldn’t be in this position.

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