Trump Takes Aim As Liberals Fawn Over George Bush

If your brand of “conservatism” aligns in any way with Nancy Pelosi and the radical left Democrats (Demonrats) than perhaps it isn’t conservatism at all.

Donald Trump made that exact point in a statement posted to his Save America website, where he eviscerated former President George W. Bush.

King Neocon Bush appeared at the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and gave a speech comparing the Islamic terrorists responsible for the tragic attacks to the Jan. 6 Capitol protestors.

The utter irresponsibility of Bush’s comparison plays directly into the hands of hysterical Democrats, many of whom are hellbent on locking up Trump supporters and anyone who aligns with his America First agenda.

Former President Donald Trump pushed back against his fellow “Republican” with a written statement that highlighted the many failures of the Bush administration, including overseeing the collapse of the World Trade Center.

Donald Trump and his supporters have become the main target of Democrats and the RINO neocons who do their bidding. Liz Cheney, and other House RINOs, have taken arms with Nancy Pelosi to punish those who participated in the Jan. 6 Capitol protests. The witch hunt commission established by Pelosi seeks to create a dramatized and hysterical narrative of the event in an effort to imprison those who happen to support for Former President.

Donald Trump himself has disavowed the actions at the Capitol that day, and some on the right have even wondered if the more violent of the bunch were nothing but left wing activists with an ulterior motive to show Trump supporters in a negative light.

Attendees of the Jan. 6 protest who breached the Captiol building have been locked away, charged with felonies, and demonized in the Mainstream Media as “white, right wing domestic terrorists.”

The glaring hypocrisy of this condemnation is noted by many who have questioned why Fake News pundits didn’t have such strong opinions about the left-wing radicals who burned down major American cities during the riots last summer.

However, to compare the attacks of 9/11 with the protests of 1/6, George Bush is attempting to detract from the harrowing results of his foreign policy decisions at the time. There is no comparison for what he did: trillions in taxpayer dollars wasted on endless wars, innocent American and Afghan lives lost, a military failure not seen in U.S. history, and more atrocities that are better left in our review mirror.

Without Trump, there would be no Republican willing to combat the hysteria coming from RINOs and their radical left cohorts.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney