Trump Supporters Surprise VP Harris with Hilarious “Welcome” Message

It seems that the Biden-Harris administration is highly unpopular no matter where in the world they visit!

An unexpected group of vocal Pro-Trump protesters showed out on Monday as Vice President Kamala Harris touched down in Guatemala – her first official foreign trip since assuming office in January.

Her presence in Latin America – though it’s unlikely anything productive will be accomplished – comes at at the right time. The administration she helps lead has blown up the US-Mexico border as a result of the disastrous immigration policies they put forward. Biden’s predecessor handed down a safe, effective, and virtually crime-less southern border, but it took no time at all for the Joe Biden to destroy it.

Harris will only be in Guatemala on Monday and Tuesday in an effort to solve the root problems causing sudden migration to the United States border. Her trip to Latin America seems largely “stately” in that no real issues will be solved, nor will any meaningful action take place; it’s merely an opportunity for Kamala to save face and strut for the press.

Kamala Harris began her trip with a bilateral meeting with Guatemalan President Alejandro Griammattei. En route, the VP’s motorcade hit a roadblock of ardent Trump supporters.

According to press reports, Pro-Trump Guatemalans were telling Kamala to “GO HOME,” holding signs saying “Kamala, Trump won” and “Kamala, mind your own business!”

A clear message was sent that day.

Harris and Giammettei held a brief press conference after their meeting at which Kamala told certain potential immigrants, “Do Not Come.” HA!

And it wouldn’t be a Biden administration overseas trip unless some sort of virtue signaling niceties were involved. The vice president has on her schedule meetings with “community and social leaders” as well female entrepreneurs before she departs for Mexico Tuesday evening.

Apparently, Air Force Two was experiencing some “technical issues” on Sunday which cut Kamala’s trip short. Her intended time of arrival was Sunday night, but the vice president was forced to return to Joint Base Andrews and switch plants. Harris’ spokesperson, however, said there were “no major safety concerns.”

Joe Biden is set to embark on his own foreign excursion soon, except he will be traveling to Europe for several days of meetings with EU and other leaders. He plans to chat with, among others, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Queen Elizabeth II, leaders of the G-7 countries, and even Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Author: Asa McCue