Trump Support Skyrockets As Biden Crashes And Burns

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

With each passing day, the country appears to be getting worse and worse. The Biden administration seemingly ignores Americans’ concerns and demands to push a radical agenda. The only people that must be pleased with Sleepy Joe are corrupt globalists and the far-left. Regular Americans? They are getting left in the dust.

Some of Joe’s “highlights” include a botched Afghanistan mission that left 13 American soldiers dead. A supply chain backlog that is contributing to record-high inflation. Rising fuel prices just as Winter hits most of the states. A border crisis where he’s let in over one million illegal aliens. And, of course, an unconstitutional mandate threatening to fire people over the vaccine.

It’s safe to say Americans are eager for 2024 to roll around. Many can’t wait until they get a chance to kick old Joe to the curb. And now, we are seeing more signs of who just might replace the crooked Democrat.

Former President Trump trounces all his potential Republican challengers in a hypothetical 2024 GOP primary matchup, a Politico/Morning Consult survey released this week found.

The survey asked respondents who they would support in the 2024 Republican presidential primary if it were held today. As he has in other hypothetical GOP primary polls, former President Trump trounced his potential competitors, garnering 47 percent support. No other candidate came close, as both former Vice President Mike Pence and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) tied for a distant second with 12 percent support each. [Source: Breitbart]

Among Republican voters, 47% wanted Donald Trump to run again. The closest candidates to him were Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Mike Pence, both of whom got only 12% of the vote. The next closet was Donald Trump Jr., who got 6%. Everyone else on the list had 3% support or lower.

This is pretty consistent with what we’ve seen ever since Trump left office. There was a concerted campaign by Democrats to tarnish Trump’s reputation after the election. They staged another bogus impeachment in the hopes of barring him from running again. They framed him for the January 6th riot, despite the FBI and others shattering their claims.

Even some Republicans turned on the president, including former allies like Nikki Haley and William Barr. Several House Republicans voted against him—jeopardizing their futures.

Despite moves from the D.C. swamp to reject Trump, it’s very clear Americans are still on his side. The Republican Party strongly endorses the man. And, as Biden continues to falter under the weight of his own stupidity, more voters will be joining them. Independents have already rejected Joe, according to numerous polls.

And we are watching Democrat support slip, too. It won’t be long before enough Democrat voters turn their backs on Joe, that there won’t be a winning strategy for the left.

We already know that 2022 will be very hard for Democrats. Biden’s failures will drag them down. But how badly they will lose, in both 2022 and 2024, is yet to be seen.

Author: James Graham