Trump Steps Up As Kamala Laughs Off Border Duties

In March, Joe Biden tasked his Vice President with managing the surge of illegal immigration and crime on the US-Mexico border. Since then, Kamala Harris has dodged, ducked, and laughed off her responsibilities — she’s even refused to visit the border despite making trips to its neighboring countries.

Kamala’s strategy is to focus on what she endlessly refers to as the “root causes” of the recent increase in northern migration from Central American countries and Mexico. She’s identified and blamed the invisible monster of “climate change” and other economic issues as the main drivers behind the surge. Never did Kamala consider that perhaps the weakening of U.S. border policy enacted by Joe Biden is in any way a factor in the destruction of the southern border.

Recently, the Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott revealed his planned to take over the federal government’s role in securing the border. He unveiled a strategy to quell the overwhelming crime experienced in his state since Biden assumed the White House and began reversing Former President Trump’s policies.

As part of his strategy, Gov. Abbott invited Mr. Trump to Texas to witness for himself the devastation caused by the Biden-Harris administration. The Former President has accepted Abbott’s invitation.

Much to Trump’s consternation, the border has been made a disaster upon him leaving Washington. The trip is intended to highlight the glaring differences between his policies and that of the current Biden-Harris administration. The Former President, along with Gov. Abbott, plan to demonstrate the devastating affects caused by Joe Biden in just a matter of weeks.

In a lengthy press release, Donald Trump referred to the border as ” an unmitigated disaster zone.” Trump said in his release.

His trip, at the behest of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, is set for June 30.

In his statement, Trump said, “What Biden and Harris have done, and are continuing to do on our border, is a grave and willful dereliction of duty.” Trump said.

Read the Former President’s complete statement here:

Making matters worse, Trump has reiterated Kamala’s noticeable absence from the border, noting that he, a private citizen, will likely visit the disaster zone before she, as the point person, makes a trek.

On border matters, Trump has a fierce ally in Governor Abbott, who has pointed out that much of the illegal immigration traffic is coming through border sections in the Lone Star State.

Recently, in the wake of the Biden administration suspending work on Trump’s border wall construction project and redirecting funds to other programs, Abbott announced he had plans to continue wall work in his state.

That immediately raised the question of how he would fund such work. Although details are pending, he said in a podcast that Texas would solicit donations from across the country.

Author: Asa McCue