Trump Sharpens Legal Weapons As 1/6 Dems Play Dirty

If Democrats think Donald Trump is going to just lay there and take their beatings — they are sadly mistaken.

Since entering the White House, the Former President has faced numerous attacks, both legal and otherwise, from elite Democrats in D.C. His presidency was burdened, threatened, and interrupted on multiple occasions due to false allegations of conspiracy, phony racist claims, and any other bogus charge they could lob his way.

Well, nothing has changed since Trump’s second term was stolen. He is still facing legal attacks from Democrats who want nothing more than to see him behind bars. His popularity with the American people is far too threatening.

It was reported Monday that Donald Trump is issuing a counterattack by suing Nancy’s House select committee that currently “investigating” the events surrounding Jan. 6 Capitol protests.

He’s also suing the National Archives, looking to block release of White House records from his administration, as is his Constitutional right under executive privilege.

On Monday, Trump’s legal team filed a suit in district court in Washington, denouncing the Jan. 6 probe as a “vexatious, illegal fishing expedition.”

Trump’s suit names as co-defendants the chairman of the Jan. 6 panel, Mississippi Democrat Rep. Bennie Thompson; the committee itself; the archives; and national archivist David Ferriero, according to court records.

The former president sought to claim executive privilege in connection with documents sought by the investigative panel. But the Biden administration has rejected those claims.

On Jan. 6, hundreds of fed up protestors decided to storm the Capitol in a show of force that unfortunately had the opposite effect. Democrats clutched their pearls and clamped down on security, throwing the book at the protestors. Many now face felony charges.

Trump has long maintained – with numerous, credible pieces of evidence – that the election was marred by widespread and systemic fraud. Anti-Trump lawmakers blame him for the Capitol protesting despite his numerous calls for non-violence and peaceful protest.

Defenders of Trump have insisted that the event was spurred, at least in part, by antifa agitators posing as Trump backers and whipping up the crowd.

The select committee has also subpoenaed several people who worked with Trump and his administration, pledging to pursue contempt charges against anyone who defies the call to offer evidence and testimony.

With Trump’s legal prowess and his team of lawyers, the Democrats will face an uphill battle if they wish to get their desired outcome. More than like, however, the egg will be on their faces.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth