Trump Sends Ruthless Wake-Up Call To “Pro-Infrastructure” Republicans

The last thing America need right now is the Democrats gaining any new power. Any bartering with the enemy at this stage of the game, when so much is on the line for America, should not be advised or supported by any Republican/conservative/concerned citizen.

However, it seems that many high-level Republicans don’t agree and it looks as if the Democrats’ so-called infrastructure bill is gaining support. These GOP lawmakers need a wake up call — and Donald Trump is just the person to give it to them.

The Former President released a statement this weekend, urging his fellow Republicans to abandon negotiations and support for the so-called infrastructure bill. The measure, while expensive, is far more insidious than it’s price tag. It establishes a framework of victory for Joe Biden and the Democrats, empowering them to achieve their Far-Left goals via radical legislative initiatives.

Former President Donald Trump warned against the bipartisan infrastructure deal Sunday, calling it the “beginning of the Green New Deal.”

The bill is currently in the Senate and is expected to pass this week after lawmakers advanced the bill Saturday, setting it up for final passage.

Trump gave an immense warning as Senate lawmakers push for a final vote on the bill.

The bill passed the House late July by a vote of 221-201, largely along party lines.

Trump concluded his statement by saying “Congratulations to Senator Bill Hagerty in remaining true to ‘AMERICA FIRST!’” after Hagerty, a Republican from Tennessee, blocked a vote Saturday, insisting that the GOP needed more time to consider the bill’s contents.

Still, not many Republicans are brave enough to take a stand against the radical spending measure. In fact, the America First coalition of Senate Republicans have essentially allowed the anti-Trump RINOs to dominate negotiations, almost ensuring passage of the Democrats’ radical proposition.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth