Trump Rocks Publishing World As New Book Tops Sales Charts

Photo: Gage Skidmore

You’d think by now even the left would acknowledge that Trump is not going anywhere. Yet our liberal-controlled media, entertainment industry, and publishing industry refuse to have anything to do with the iconic businessman and president. They seem to think if they just ignore him, he will go away. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that the more they try to censor him, the more popular he becomes.

Trump wasn’t just blacklisted from social media after he left office. The publishing world refused to work with him. Even though a book written by the 45th president would be a chart-topping bestseller, nobody in the leftist controlled industry would give him a deal. So, Trump started his own publishing company and released his first book, a collection of exclusive photographs that documented his first term in office.

And now, the sales numbers for the first week have come out.

Fans of former President Donald Trump have bought over 70,000 copies of his new coffee table book, “Our Journey Together,” in its first week on sale. The book’s publisher expects it will have sold 100,000 copies by the end of the week…

Trump’s book was published by Winning Team Publishing, a firm founded by Donald Trump Jr. and Trump family adviser Sergio Gor.

“I think it would easily qualify to be a New York Times No. 1 bestseller,” Trump’s son told the Washington Examiner. “And we’re doing it ourselves, taking on a big old industry. It’s been pretty awesome.” [Source: Just the News]

This is really something. Trump’s book hit 70,000 sales, with projections that it will hit 100,000 sales by week’s end. This isn’t some cheaper paperback we’re talking about or some “e-book.” This is a large, coffee table-sized book with full-color photographs costing $75. That’s not something to sneeze at. Yet 70,000 folks lined up to purchase the book (with probably more than a few opting for the signed, $230 version).

Just think about that. Had a traditional publishing company agreed to release Trump’s book, they’d be swimming in cash right about now. And this kind of news tends to have a rising effect on a book. When people find out that it’s a bestseller, more will buy a copy for themselves. This book would be flying off the shelves of Barnes and Noble and other stores.

Yet the idiots in the publishing world rejected it.

Um… hey publishers. You do realize your industry is dying, right? Any win would be crucial in keeping yourselves alive. But no, they’ll just keep publishing hit pieces about Trump from “journalists” who have been outed for lying. Yeah, that’ll really keep your business alive into the next decade!

Meanwhile, Trump is positioned to follow up this hit with a series of books—creating yet another business empire.

Author: Sam Anderson