Trump Rocks India at Huge Rally, Makes Billion Dollar Announcement

As Democrats squabble and fight over their doomed primary, Trump is doing what he does best: making deals and exciting crowds. The president flew to India to attend a special event with the nation’s leader. At the packed-out stadium, he made a big announcement that will result in billions coming to our country.

The media wants you to believe that our president is hated around the world. That simply isn’t true. Sure, when the last guy was in office, we were a laughing stock. America “lead from behind” when Obama was in charge. His lack of leadership and vision made us a poor ally to the many nations that wanted to work with us.

All that changed when Trump entered the White House. His strong vision as president has been a huge benefit to our allies. Trump has scored numerous deals with nations around the world, deals that have helped both sides.

Sure, idiots in the U.K. and other Europe countries have protested when Trump visited. They, like leftists in our country, foolishly oppose the man. Then the liberal media hypes up these isolated incidents as if they are the status quo, wherever Trump goes. That is certainly not the case. Whenever he travels to the Middle East, Asia, and parts beyond, countries roll out the red carpet for him and the first lady.

That was certain the case when he visited our ally India. The nation gave the president a historic welcome. And the crowds were thick and countless.

The rally, titled “Namaste Trump,” was a sequel to the “Howdy, Modi” event Trump held with prime minister Narendra Modi in Houston last September.

Trump’s motorcade passed seemingly endless crowds in Ahmedabad with many cheering and waving American flags on the way to the 110,000 capacity Sardar Patel Stadium where the rally was conducted.

Large billboards were spread throughout the route showing Modi alongside Trump and his wife Melania.

Near the entrance to the stadium, camels on either side of the road were seen greeting the motorcade, which the announcers described as a “camelcade.” The largest cricket stadium in the world appeared to be full, with banners displaying the Trump’s name throughout…

“America will always be faithful and loyal friends to the Indian people,” Trump said. He announced that he will sell $3 billion worth of state of art helicopters and other equipment to the country. [Source: Fox News]

Over a million India Americans attended the “Howdy, Modi” event in Texas last year, where the Indian prime minister and Trump attended. This time around, our president visited India, to a warm reception. It seems the nation welcomed Trump with open arms, as evidenced by the packed-out rally.

The Sardar Patel Stadium is the world’s largest cricket stadium, with a capacity of 110,000 seats. To say every seat was filled would be accurate. The prime minister and President Trump spoke to the eager stadium, celebrating the alliance both countries enjoy.

The welcome he received by India is in direct contrast to what our media often portrays. They want you to think the rest of the world hates the man. It’s the same lie they push here in America, where they try to convince you our country has turned against him.

That simply goes against what we see, everywhere he goes. Trump draws historically large crowds to his campaign events. People line up for days, just to get inside. When stadiums are packed, thousands stand outside in the overflow for a chance to see him.

That’s even happening in blue states like New Jersey and New Hampshire. Even in Colorado (which he lost in 2016), Trump is drawing massive crowds.

If you believed the media, you wouldn’t understand why he keeps generating such enthusiasm. But the answer is simple: Trump is a leader the entire world can respect. And our liberal-run media, filled with jealously and rage, refuse to believe it.

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