Trump Refuses To Let ‘Wokeness’ Define America

Donald Trump said it himself: “Everything woke turns to s***!”

…and he’s 100% correct.

The Left continued its destruction of American history/culture this week when they successfully petitioned for the removal of the 131-year-old Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, Virginia.

The woke legal battle began shortly after the death of George Floyd (leftists’ version of Jesus) and resulted in Virginia’s governor and a series of liberal judges authorizing the statue removal.

Donald Trump reacted swiftly and with great concern as he “watched as a massive crane take down the magnificent and very famous statue,” in a statement released to his Save America website.

The removal of the statue is symbolic for a greater tragedy plaguing American culture, and that plague is endless ‘wokeness’.

The left has become relentless in their pursuit to erase anything and everything that doesn’t fit the modern standard of what’s appropriate in regards to race, gender, etc. By destroying statues and other historical artifacts, radical leftists prove their argument has no leg to stand on; it’s simply reactionary. History doesn’t just disappear no matter how hard you try.

Ten days after the death of George Floyd, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam announced in June, 2020, that the statue would come down due to its symbolism of Virginia’s plan to “launch a new campaign to undo the results of the Civil War by other means.” The governor was recollecting the historical unveiling of the statue in May, 1890, where the people reportedly waved Confederate flags.

Richmond residents sued the state in an effort to block the statue’s removal in connection to an 1889 acquisition agreement, a legal decision where state officials accepted ownership of the Lee statue. The state’s Supreme Court ruled Sept. 2 that the descendants of the official’s had no legal property interest to keep the statue.

Another statue of Lee, gifted to the Virginia state Capitol in 1909, was removed in December, 2020, on Northam’s behest.

Northam, falling victim to the ‘woke’ religiosity of today, is simply atoning for his past sins of dressing up in blackface. Now he’s hell-bent on appeasing the hypersensitivity of today’s common leftist.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney