Trump Proves His Endorsement Is Worth Its Weight In Gold

Democrats tried desperately to prevent her victory, even launching a robocall campaign, accusing her of “murdering her husband,” the widow of the late Republican Rep. Ron Wright topped the crowded race Saturday to fill his seat in Texas’ 6th District thank to a major endorsement from Former President Donald Trump.

The field was extremely crowded — over 20 candidates were buying for the House seat, but Susan Wright easily carried 24 per cent of the vote. Both a Republican and a Democrat tied for second place, State Rep. Jake Ellzey and Democrat Janna Lynne Sanchez, both sharing nearly 14% of the vote.

The second-place winner must be establishes before Mrs. Wright can battle them in a runoff race.

Wright’s late husband, the first sitting Congressman to succumb to the coronavirus, is a longtime GOP activist and is largely considered the favorite in this race.

On the eve of the vote, however, supporters of Wright told authorities they were getting anonymous robocalls charging her with “murdering her husband” to collect the insurance money and run for his seat.

Another Republican, Michael Wood, a veteran, garnered significant funding as an ardent anti-Trumper. Despite substantial contributions from Republican Reps. Anthony Gonzales of Ohio, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, and Liz Cheney of Wyoming —all of whom voted for Trump’s impeachment—Wood drew only 3 per cent of the vote.

Trump immediately set to release a memo from his desk, congratulating Mrs. Wright. The Republican hopeful in turn thanked the Former President in kind.

Author: Asa McCue