Trump Proves He’s Still King — Boasts Unparalleled GOP Influence

Try to name one elected official who’s candidacy, presidency, and post-White House career amounted to the level of influence Donald Trump has within the Republican Party — or any political party for that matter.

You can’t.

One could possibly point to Barack Obama, but he’s largely a failure, and his party knows it.

The numbers simply don’t like and anyone questioning the Former President’s growing influence within the GOP – despite his 2020 “loss” – should look at the results of his endorsements.

Liberals may claim math is racist, but not in politics, where the numbers mean everything.

In new polling of several House Republican primary races, a Trump endorsement pushes 2022 candidates past 50%, even against long-established incumbents such as Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney.

Donald Trump is the King of kingmakers.

In last month’s elections, for example, Trump-endorsed candidates went four for four.

And according to Brian Jack, the former White House political director, Trump’s 2020 record was 120-2, and this year, it is 17-1.

In other words, the power of Trump’s endorsement is undeniable.

And despite his detractors within the media, the Democrat Party and even the RINOs of his own party, the potential for more Trump-backed victories as the ’22 midterms approach is endless.

A survey of five races was examined where initial impact of a Trump endorsement made national headlines. The results in Wyoming, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Washington are shocking.

The power Trump wields in these five primaries is unprecedented in U.S. history, according to one political scientist and pollster.

The Trump endorsement was tested on two ballots in the states. One was head-to-head. For the other, he would reveal which candidate had Trump’s backing.

In Wyoming, Cheney’s challenger Harriet Hageman started ahead, with 40% to Cheney’s 18%. Informed that Trump endorsed Hageman, her lead increased, with 56% to Cheney’s 18%.

Another Trump-related element was impeachment. When Republicans were told that the incumbent had chosen to impeach Trump, over 6 in 10 said they would vote against them. In Cheney’s case, 79% of Republicans said they would “refuse” to back her because of her impeachment vote.

Trump’s popularity is also high among Republicans, even gaining since Inauguration Day in many states, and that strengthens his impact. In four of the five states, Moyle found that Trump had a 70% or higher approval rating among Republicans. In Wyoming, it was 63%.

Longtime GOP pollster and pundit Dick Morris agreed.

“It is the most important endorsement there is. It virtually assures a primary victory. As such, it has few parallels in American history.”

Bottom line.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth