Trump Pressures Congress — Now They’re Close to a Deal

President Trump and Republicans in Congress worked to protect small businesses during the shutdown. Even though they managed to fund a program to keep them afloat, Democrats refused to replenish it. The money ran out and many businesses face permanent closure. Now, after Trump’s pressure, Congress is close to a deal.

What’s worse: some Americans suffering and dying from a disease or millions more faced with financial ruin? It seems Democrats are happy with both scenarios. They sat back and did nothing as the threat of COVID-19 increased earlier in the year. And even after Trump managed to provide funds to save businesses, Democrats once again sat back and refused to keep the program going, leaving many in the cold.

Nobody wanted the government-mandated shutdowns. Thousands have protested them, with lawsuits already brewing (expect more lawsuits and battles in the coming months and years). But one way the government could have extended a lifeline is through the PPP: the Paycheck Protection Program.

These small business loans were meant to help companies keep workers employed during a time when the government said they couldn’t open. It could help millions keep earning a check, until the economy comes back from the brink. The program was very popular and in a matter of weeks, it was out of cash.

Congress could have replenished it earlier in April, but—as usual—Democrats blocked it. Only now, after Trump called them out repeatedly, does it look like a deal is being reached.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Sunday that Democrats and the White House are inching closer to a deal that will replenish the $350 billion coronavirus emergency fund and said the vote could be as early as next week.

Mnuchin told CNN that he hopes that the $450 billion package will be voted on in the Senate on Monday, and pass the House on Tuesday…

The Wall Street Journal reported that Republicans and Democrats clashed on some key points about the new deal, but both sides have agreed to compromise. [Source: Fox News]

As the funds ran out, Nancy Pelosi appeared on TV showing off her $30,000 fridge packed with expensive ice cream. Damn, that’s worse than the “let them eat cake” line from Marie-Antoinette. Americans are suffering, as the Speaker sits back and gorges herself on gourmet treats. She refuses to do her job—and worse than that, she expected a pat on the back for it!

And Democrats wonder why so many Americans despise them?

Liberals stalled the first loan bill because they wanted to pack it with spending for bogus, progressive programs. The second time they stalled it was because they reportedly wanted to push identity politics instead of helping all Americans.

Even in the best of times, Democrats seek to ruin us. But now, more than ever, we see they care little about helping Americans. They’d rather make us all suffer, in order to force their agenda. (An agenda that few Americans would accept in better times.)

If the new bill gets passed this week, it means more money in the PPP. Small businesses that would have been forced to close their doors (and lay off staff) will be able to keep going.

It seems criminal that Democrats would delay such important legislation, just to push their agenda. Do they really want millions of Americans out of work, struggling to make ends meet? Are they really unconcerned over the 22 million who just lost their jobs?

Those are questions only Democrats can answer. But something tells me they won’t even bother defending their actions. They’ll just rely on the liberal media to lie, cheat, and spin for their defense as usual.

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