Trump Planning Major Task Force Change — Key Member Linked To Deep State

American citizens have been living under the shadow of the coronavirus for over a month. Worse than the disease itself appears to be the extreme measures states have taken to prevent infections. These measures have been pushed by the White House task force, advised by doctors Fauci and Birx. But in recent days, it seems one of these doctors might be on the outs with the president. And a recent tweet might suggest his days on the team are numbered.

Dr. Fauci has been one of the top doctors advising the White House during the virus panic. He has been a strong supporter of the strict measures that have left our economy in shambles, with millions of lives ruined. He has even been quoted saying the damage his recommendations are causing are simply “inconvenient,” suggesting he doesn’t even understand how terrible they’ve been.

Former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul has called out Fauci, calling him a “fraud.” As Americans continue to suffering under extreme, arguably un-Constitutional executive orders that have shut down businesses and upended lives, some say the “cure” has been much worse than the problem. Many are even suggesting “social distancing” has not helped the pandemic, citing data that claims far more people have the disease than earlier predicted, meaning the threat of death is significantly lower.

Yet “experts” like Fauci want us to continue to hide in our homes, as millions of families suffer and billions are lost from the economy. After all, he was the one who advised Trump to extend the insane 15-day policy all through the month of April.

But now it looks like even Trump has had enough of Fauci’s games. The doctor recently joined the liberal media to criticize the president, sparking a possible feud between Trump and the man. Trump fired back on Twitter.

President Trump sparked speculation about his relationship with the country’s top disease expert Sunday night after he retweeted a post that called for the doctor’s job.

Trump used statements Dr. Anthony Fauci made in February as evidence that a recent New York Times report that said he was slow to act on the coronavirus outbreak was “fake news.”

DeAnna Lorraine, a former Republican congressional candidate, called out Fauci in her own tweet and said he told people in late February that “there was nothing to worry about and it posed no threat to the US public at large. Time to #FireFauci.”

Trump seized on Lorraine’s tweet as evidence of “fake news,” from the Times. Trump implied that if there were widespread concerns about the virus in the White House in January, surely Fauci would have known in late February. [Source: Fox News]

We all know Fauci pushed social distancing and the shutdown, in order to protect a medical industry that was pathetically unprepared for a pandemic. Not to mention deflect from the fact that the CDC and FDA ignored the virus for months and refused to get their own acts together. The entire nation was punished (tremendously) because government and hospitals refused to do their job.

Now, Trump is looking to reopen our country, as men like Fauci appear to turn on him. It seems the doctor wants us to suffer for months on end, even as the virus appears to be wanning. The president has put together a task force to revive our country. Yet Fauci is appearing on the news to attack the president.

Perhaps it is time to fire Fauci. He doesn’t seem bothered about the 320 million Americans suffering from his medieval, un-American policies. If we are to return to a prosperous America, we need people who will put Americans ahead of broken systems.

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