Trump Picks 2024 Running Mate – Is He Confirming His Candidacy?

Does anybody still think Trump won’t run for 2024? Now, nobody knows the future, but it would be pretty idiotic for anyone to assume he’s done with politics. Even Democrats are seeing the writing on the wall—and panicking over what it could mean for their socialist schemes.

But it seems campaign finance laws are preventing Trump for announcing a campaign so soon. So, over the year, he has discussed the possibility, speculated on the future, and hinted at his plans. Some of his closest advisors have been very bullish on his probable return. All that is needed is word on any potential running mates.

And, during several recent appearances, Trump floated a well-known name.

Former President Donald Trump is stoking speculation about the next GOP ticket, suggesting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would make a good vice president if he ran in 2024…

Trump made the suggestion the first night of a “History Tour” with former Fox News host, radio commentator and author, Bill O’Reilly…

When asked whether DeSantis would be on the ticket if Trump were to run again, Trump said, “I think Ron [DeSantis] would be good. I think Mike [Pence] has been very hurt by what took place with respect to January 6. I think he’s been mortally wounded, frankly.” […]

On Saturday, when DeSantis was mentioned, the audience broke out in applause, The Sun-Sentinel reported. When former Republican Governor Jeb Bush was mentioned, the audience erupted with loud boos. [Source: Just the News]

We shouldn’t be surprised that Pence is off a potential 2024 Trump ticket. It seemed like a forgone conclusion, given what transpired on January 6th. But many have wondered who could become Trump’s next running mate—with many suggesting the governor of Florida.

People often bring up Ron DeSantis’ name when discussing 2024. The Republican has become a rockstar within the party. His policies have helped save Florida from disaster and he is the de facto leader of Republican governors. He often appears on GOP presidential polls, just below Trump himself.

DeSantis has assured Floridians that he’s all-in for his reelection next year. His focus will be on continuing the good work he’s started for the state. He has even ruled out a presidential run—but what if Trump comes calling? Would DeSantis put aside his governorship in 2024, if he had the chance at becoming vice president?

We can’t say, right now, 2024 is still three years away. But if Trump does decide to run, and wins the nomination, it might be an offer DeSantis can’t refuse.

Author: Alex Graham