Trump ‘Motivates’ Kamala To Take Action At The Border

After months of stalling on the border, Kamala Harris has finally decided to make a visit. One must ask themselves: “Why now, Kamala?” Why after months of avoiding the scene of your crime have you chosen this week to finally stop neglecting your duties? Why have you waited until the crisis the border becomes untenable?

Well, Donald Trump seems to know exactly why Harris has suddenly announced a trip to the US-Mexico border.

The Former President said that the criminally neglectful Vice President “would have never gone” to the US-Mexico border if not for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott inviting Trump to witness the crisis.

Trump released a statement to his Save America website, blasting Kamala for her hesitance on a border.

“It’s great that we got Kamala Harris to finally go and see the tremendous descruction and death that they’re created…” Trump wrote.

His full statement is here:

According to reports, Harris plans to visit the border on Friday, just days before Trump’s scheduled visit with Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott. Kamala has received immense criticism from Republicans and even border Democrats for her refusal to visit the crime scene after her administration caused such devastation. It’s been three months since Biden appointed her as point person to lead the charge in correcting the border surge, but since then all she’s been able accomplish is conversations with Latin presidents about “climate change.”

Earlier this month Harris visited Guatemala and Mexico, but her trips did more harm than good for the Biden administration. She faced scrutiny from the Far-Left wing of the Democrat Party when she directly told would-be illegal immigrants, “Do not come; Do not come!” — a Trump-era mantra much criticized during his tenure.

Given the neglect the ultimate neglect from the Biden administration to correct their border crisis, Gov. Abbott has vowed to “do the federal government’s job” and secure the crumbling border himself.

The Lone Star Republican has vowed to pick up where Trump left off, restarting construction on the border wall that became a partisan hot rod during the Former President’s first term.

And, Republicans have long noted Biden and Harris’ refusal to go to the border is a function of them not wanting to hear the reality of what locals, law enforcement, and border agents will tell them, ostensibly: restore the Trump administration measures you had unwound since taking office.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth