Trump Makes Incredible Last-Minute Change To Impeachment Team

President Trump is fine tuning his legal defense ahead of the Democrats’ second phony impeachment trial. Late Sunday evening, Trump announced a major shake up of his legal team hours after his initial lineup disbanded.  

It’s crucial to Trump’s legal strategy that his attorneys understand the intricacies of this phony impeachment. Sources close to the President claim his former attorneys just weren’t cutting it. Trump’s new attorneys, David Schoen and Bruce Castor, have represented individuals close to Trump’s circle, including Roger Stone and others.

Team Trump put out a press release Sunday night, describing Schoen as a “seasoned trial attorney who has served as lead counsel in several high-profile matters.” Another new addition, Castor, is the former district attorney of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

“The Constitution is strong and resilient, and it will prevail over petty partisanship yet again.” 

“It is an honor and a privilege to represent President Trump. The fortitude of our great Constitution is about to be tested like never before in American History,” Castor said in the press release. 

“It is an honor to represent the 45th President, Donald J. Trump, and the United States Constitution,” Schoen added.

Little is known about how the newcomers to Trump’s legal team plan to steer his defense. A source close to the President claims the legal team will focus on the stolen 2020 election.

The blood-thirsty Democrats are charging Trump with “insurrection” in an attempt to prevent him from holding further office. House Democrats and 10 House Republicans voted in favor of the charge in mid-Jan. for Trump’s role in inciting a mob of his supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

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