Trump Makes History At RNC With Unexpected Ceremony – Democrats Were Outraged

On the second night of the Republican National Convention, President Trump and acting DHS head participated in the naturalization of five new citizens. It was a powerful moment that celebrated both legal immigration and the welcoming of new members of the United States. Democrats exposed their own hatred of our immigration system by attacking the moment, inventing wild claims and accusations.

It’s no secret that Democrats keep accusing Trump of hating immigrants, even trying to prevent new people from entering the country. What Democrats never do is explain why they lump together both legal and illegal immigrants. From the start of his presidency, Trump has been devoted to making sure immigrants come here legally.

Democrats, on the other hand, prove they hate newcomers to this country, by refusing to confront illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is an evil, horrible system that puts thousands of lives at risk. Illegal immigrants are exploited by drug cartels, human smugglers, and sex traffickers. Many of those who make it across the border (alive) are indebted to evil men for the rest of their lives.

It seems Democrats don’t know this or don’t care (I’ll let you decide which). President Trump, by opposing illegal immigration, is celebrating and encouraging people to not only come here legally, but to become vital members of our society.

So, it should come as no surprise that Trump celebrated the moment when five new citizens were sworn in. The Republican National Convention aired the special moment, with acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf participating.

Naturally, Democrats were outraged.

The left fumed over a naturalization ceremony aired during the Republican National Convention’s (RNC) second night that featured President Trump and Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf welcoming five new citizens to America.

Former Obama administration official Wendy Sherman tweeted that the ceremony was a “horror”…

The Nation’s justice correspondent called it “disgusting”…

New York Times opinion columnist Jamelle Bouie said Wolf “broke the law” in conducting the ceremony…

Never Trumpers also joined in on the Hatch Act violation cries…

Former Department of Defense counsel Ryan Goodman called the ceremony a Hatch Act violation that would lay the “groundwork for even more serious violations in the weeks ahead.” [Source: Breitbart]

Wow. You’ve never seen this many melodramatic outbursts outside of high school girls’ bathroom.

Isn’t it funny how Democrats get so upset over a ceremony that welcomed five legal immigrants into the nation’s citizenship? Yet they have shown ZERO outrage over riots that have been destroying their own cities for three months.

They are more upset that Trump is encouraging the legal citizenship process than the horrors that are going on across blue states. How many black lives have been ruined by unchecked riots and looting? Too many to count.

But no, we should be upset that the RNC showed this special citizenship ceremony.

Don’t believe their cries of the Hatch Act. These are the same scum that encouraged or aided the Obama administration in countless acts of lawlessness. Remember, these people turned a blind eye to evidence that Obama’s FBI and DOJ tried to undermine our entire democracy and violate the 2016 election. Yet they want us to believe they are paragons of law and justice now?

Sorry, but I’ll take a president who “violates” the Hatch Act to swear in five new citizens, over a group of criminals who tried to take down (and continue to try) our entire democracy.

Every last person upset about this wonderful moment exposes their true motives. They are getting outraged over people becoming Americans. So what if it is being aired during the RNC? They are just upset that they didn’t think of it themselves!

Time and again, Democrats prove they hate our country, hate our values, and hate everyone that abides by our laws.

People who burn, loot, kill, and destroy? Those are their kind of people.

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