Trump Makes An Unexpected 2024 Announcement

The crisis in Afghanistan has been very bad for Joe Biden. But it’s been pretty good for Donald Trump. The 45th president hasn’t been this vocal since he left office in January.

Since the fall of Kabul, Trump has been releasing statements on a near-daily basis. He has been very outspoken about Biden’s mishandling of events overseas. Anyone can see that Trump is outraged at how badly Biden is handling this situation.

In addition to releasing statements, he has appeared on several news programs. This Saturday, he will be speaking live at a GOP summer meeting in Alabama. During a recent interview, he was once again asked about his 2024 plans. And he explained why he’s keeping so quiet.

Former President Trump continues to hint that he will seek reelection in 2024, saying supporters will “be very happy” with his decision but stopping short of committing over what he calls “antiquated and stupid” campaign finance laws.

“The campaign finance laws, which are antiquated and stupid, they’re corrupt in a way, but they’re stupid, don’t allow me to tell you that,?” Trump told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo, who had asked about his 2024 plans.

Trump gave a similar response when asked Tuesday night by Fox New Channel opinion show host Sean Hannity about his 2024 plans. [Source: Just the News]

Knowing Trump, he would have announced a 2024 run immediately after leaving office. But it appears that campaign finance laws limit what he can do—should he announce a campaign.

Currently, he is doing work through his newly formed PAC “Save America.” This organization has reportedly raised over $100 million this year alone. Because it’s not a political campaign, this money can be used to fund a variety of efforts, including helping GOP candidates win special elections and their 2022 races.

But the moment Trump forms his presidential campaign, certain restrictions kick in. The money he raises for the campaign can only be used for campaign-related activities. Anything he wants to do for other candidates or other causes will not be allowed—even though it’s for the Republican Party.

If he spends campaign money on anything else, he could face charges. That’s just one of the very tricky campaign finance laws that limit what he can do.

We also know there might be other reasons he’s keeping quiet. Previously, he and his allies have said Trump was watching Biden’s administration, among other factors. If Trump does run again, he might want to drag out the suspense, just to keep the Democrats on their toes.

The left has done a whole lot to undermine Trump, in the fear he’d run again. Not knowing his plans make it much harder for them to plan. And Trump, being the theatric person that he is, has no problem drawing out the worries of the Democrats for as long as he can. Leave them anxious and disorganized for as long as he can.

Not that we’re at all upset about it.

Author: Anthony Thomas