Trump Makes ’22 Prediction That Would End Democrats For Good

Donald Trump continues to be the Republican Party’s taste maker, the reason why so many more Americans are willing to abandon partisan politics to support the party not encumbered by whole hog Marxism.

And you want to know why?

Because he has vision.

Unlike many in the party, who have always played second fiddle to Democrats in the American culture war, the Former President refuses to sit back and relinquish control of the national narrative to viper-like liberals insistent on destroying the fabric of our country.

Trump cuts them off at the knees, never giving an inch because he knows all too well they will take a mile. Now, if only establishment D.C. Republicans understood that very fact …

Despite that, Trump – with the data on his side – is predicting a Red wave the likes of which America has never seen.

Earlier this week, Trump addressed the National Republican Congressional Committee in Florida, laying out a plan of action for the future of the Republican Party.

He discussed the likelihood of GOP comeback similar to that of 2010 when the Tea Party movement helped energize voters, resulting in 63 conservative victories in Congress shortly after Obama’s ’08 victory.

GOP successes in last week’s elections, including in Virginia and New Jersey , were “just the beginning,” Trump said. He also specifically touted the election of Ohio’s Mike Carey to Congress. In fact, Carey and three other candidates Trump endorsed won their respective contests, making for a 4-0 record .

Speaking to his view for a Republican agenda, Trump insisted supporters want action on ending the Biden administration’s border crisis. He said once Republicans take command of Congress, they should focus on making China “pay trillions of dollars for unleashing” COVID-19, banning critical race theory, and stopping federal taxpayer dollars from going to Big Tech “monopolies,” among other matters.

He also called on Republicans to pass sweeping legislation reform.

“We have to make elections un-riggable,” Trump said.

Unlike many of his party compatriots, Donald Trump spoke honestly about the current state of the Democrat Party.

“Do not listen to anyone who tells you that the Republican Party needs to be ‘less divisive’ — let’s be clear, it is the radical left Marxists and socialists who are divisive, and it is by defeating their intolerance and aggression that we will unite America,” Trump declared.

Trump concluded by bashing the Republicans who granted Joe Biden and the Democrats with a victory in the fight for so-called infrastructure. The funding voted on by dozens of House Republicans only allocates 11% of its total to actual infrastructure projects. The rest is left-wing garbage.

It will take Trump and Trump-backed candidates to pull the Republican Party (and the entire country) out of the hole liberals pushed us in. Without him, we’re left with … Mitch McConnell.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney