Trump Makes 2020 Prediction–Says Who He’ll Beat

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It’s 2019 and a massive host of Democrats are running for president. There are many liberals who think they can take the White House from Donald Trump. But the president has just declared who he thinks will be running the leftist ticket. And he’s giving them a warning.

Since the Democrats were defeated in 2016, they’ve steadily lost power. Sure, their buddies in the media try to prop them up, the but facts are clear. The Democratic Party is broken, divided, and directionless. They have lost touch with the American people. They prioritize illegal aliens instead of citizens. And they waste valuable resources in Congress persecuting the president.

Now, they think they can take the White House from the one man making America great again. Eighteen (and counting) Democrats have announced they are running for president. Many of these contenders are far-left socialists with radical plans for the country. They want to destroy our borders, plunder our military, and create massive entitlement programs.

Several candidates want to create “Medicare for all” a program that would bankrupt our country. And that’s just for starters.

The Democrat field is so far left and confused, it has given an outsider a chance to steal moderate votes from the party. Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is running as a liberal independent, pushing a moderate platform that will certainly sink the Democrats in 2020.

It’s too soon to tell which Democrats will float to the top and score their party’s nomination. But already people are speculating. Anyone that gets to the General Election will have a hard time ahead. Can they beat Donald Trump? I doubt it.

The president himself is making predictions on who will be standing by 2020. And he gives them fair warning.

President Trump offered his thoughts Tuesday night on which two Democratic contenders he thinks will be left standing in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

Out of the crowded pool of contenders, Trump predicted on Twitter that former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders will be the final two in the battle to be the party’s nominee.

“I believe it will be Crazy Bernie Sanders vs. Sleepy Joe Biden as the two finalists to run against maybe the best Economy in the history of our Country (and MANY other great things)!” he wrote. “I look forward to facing whoever it may be. May God Rest Their Soul!” [Source: Fox News]

“May God Rest Their Soul!” Those are some intense words, to be sure. Trump believes that Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden will be running against him come the 2020 Election. He doesn’t say which one will be the frontrunner and which will be his running mate, but he does give them a good warning.

Whoever it will be going toe-to-toe with the president will have to convince voters to reject the man who’s created the best economy in years. Trump says it might be the greatest economy we’ve ever had in our nation’s history.

Considering the amazingly low unemployment, soaring stock market, and rising pay wages, he’s probably right. Donald Trump defied everyone’s expectations and did what was thought impossible. He ended terrible trade deals that were killing America. He was able to bring jobs back to our country and convince businesses to invest in America. On top of that, he’s slashed regulation, scored tax cuts, and restored America’s energy dominance.

All those things a Democrat would never have done. Their policies (thanks to Obama) only crippled our economy. Their idea of “helping” regular Americans is raising taxes to pay for government handouts (which most Americans wouldn’t qualify for, anyway).

Bernie Sanders’ plans for America would punish the rich (who start businesses and create jobs) and burden millions with toxic government handouts. He would cripple our military with devastating cuts. Sanders would see an era of economic collapse, as hundreds of thousands of jobs would bleed overseas.

Then he’d demand more taxing, more government control, and less opportunity for you and me.

Only complete idiots would support a man like him. But that’s all that’s left in the Democratic Party.

Do you think Bernie or Biden will be running against Trump? Do you think they have a chance?

Let’s hope not.

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