Trump Lets Loose On America’s Biggest “Idiot”

No one does it better off the cuff than Donald Trump.

A master of one liners, the Former President knows exactly what to say to energize a crowd while still delivering his underlying message. Humor and showmanship are paramount in Trump’s political messaging, unlike most elected officials, who come off as soulless automatons.

His ability to distill what a majority of the country is thinking and deliver those thoughts in an entertaining and effective package is the mark of Trump’s genius; no other politician seems to have mastered his undeniable skill, though many have tried.

In the months following the disastrous and rigged 2020 presidential election, when Trump was denied his rightful reelection (81 million+ suppressed legal votes), the Former President was stripped of his free speech rights and denied access to Twitter and other social media platforms.

But that doesn’t prevent him from speaking truth to power, verbally demolishing the current administration and the path of destruction we’re being lead down.

The spotlight has remained on Donald Trump as he spars with some of the most powerful D.C. officials in the country, including sitting Senators and Representatives (both Democrat and Republican), both the President and Vice President, and even high-ranking military officials.

Most recently, Trump took Gen. Mark Milley to task over his recommendations for handling Afghanistan.

The Former President laid a verbal smackdown on the woke General during a Saturday event at Mar-a-Lago, where he had some choice words about the military official’s handling of Afghanistan.

The head-turning, knee-slapping invective concluded with Trump saying:

“That’s when I realized he was a fucking idiot.”

The crowd erupted.

Trump’s remarks took place at an event organized by the conservative advocacy organization Turning Point Action, a branch of the college organization Turning Point USA.

The U.S. military gave the Afghan military nearly $83 billion in training and equipment before the Taliban took over Kabul in August. While troops destroyed some of the United States’ weapons in Afghanistan, the Taliban appear to have gotten hold of American weaponry after the sudden evacuation.

Milley served as chief of staff of the Army from August 2015 to August 2019 before he was later appointed the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff by Trump in 2018.

Author: Asa McCue