Trump Legal Guarantees Senate Acquittal

The legal team of President Trump filed it’s official response to the House Democrats’ phony articles of impeachment. In the brief, Trump’s lawyers brilliantly argue for a total acquittal in the Senate before a trial even begins next week.

The answer highlights Trump’s First Amendment rights in response to the ‘inciting a riot’ charge while denying any violation of oath of office. 

Trump’s legal team also presents the constitutional argument for a total acquittal in the Senate.  

The argument from Trump’s counsel that the trial is constitutionally impermissible is one that is supported by the vast majority of the Republicans in the Senate. Last week Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., raised a point of order, claiming that it is unconstitutional for the Senate to hold an impeachment trial of a former president. 

The point of order was voted down 55-45, with 10 RINO Republican joining forces with the Radical Democrats.  

But if the RINOs want to succeed in convicting President Trump, they will need to convince more Republicans to join their side. The Democrats currently need at least 17 Republicans to vote for conviction – a highly unlikely scenario indeed. 

Team Trump’s legal brief also reiterates the fact that Donald Trump did in fact win the 2020 election. 

A massive shakeup occurred on Trump’s legal team late last week. It was reported that some attorneys on the team disagreed with Trump’s trial strategy. Luckily, current line up has vowed to not back down to Democrat demands and will move forward with Trump’s preferred strategy. 

The House Impeachment Managers did their own filing on Tuesday with a pre-trial brief containing their bogus argument for impeachment. As you can see, the ‘legal’ response is filled with fantasy and lie, a common tactic for the Radical Dems. 

They opined: “This is not a case where elections alone are a sufficient against future abuse…”

Here the Democrats admit that President Trump’s grassroots voter base, along with his ‘America First’ political agenda is all too influential for regular democracy to prevent. A lengthy legal battle is the Democrats last chance to prevent Trump from holding office in the future. 

The impeachment trial will then start in earnest next Tuesday. 

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