Trump Just Scored a Major Win In The Election Integrity Battle

To this day, the left claims the 2020 Election was not riddled with any problems whatsoever. In fact, they suggest that anyone who says there were even small “irregularities” is an insurrectionist who wants to overthrow our democracy. Yeah, that sounds like a reasonable response to legitimate concerns over the election.

Anyone can see there were serious problems with how numerous states counted ballots. Yes, state leaders and judges failed to properly address the issue back in November, resulting in the horrible federal government we have today. But, since January, some states have been trying to salvage their democracy, by either passing new election laws or addressing lingering problems with the 2020 results.

In Arizona, a major auditing process was about to begin, to uncover any possible “errors” from their ballot-counting process. Immediately, Democrats sued to block it. Hmm… interesting, right? If there were no irregularities in the election, why are Dems so scared of an audit? Surely, it will only prove them right?

Despite their attempts to stall the process, a liberal judge ruled in favor of Republicans.

A Democrat-appointed judge ruled in favor of Republicans on Wednesday, allowing the 2020 election audit to move forward against Democrats’ wishes.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Daniel Martin dismissed Democrats’ temporary restraining order aimed at halting the state’s audit of over 2 million 2020 election ballots, The Associated Press reported, adding that Judge Martin said there was not enough evidence presented to show that voters would be harmed by currently implemented audit procedures. [Source: Daily Wire]

Democrats made a weak case, claiming that auditing the results of a past election would somehow harm voters. Really? And how would simply examining the ballot-counting process and other measures hurt voters who already cast their ballots? This audit in no way will prevent voters from voting in the future. It’s not happening during an election, so it won’t interfere with an ongoing voting process.

Even this Democrat-appointed judge saw through their scheme. The audit will be conducted by a third-party firm, so that neither Democrats nor Republicans can claim the other party interfered.

After the ruling, Donald Trump praised the judge for allowing the audit to happen.

Former President Trump issued a statement on Wednesday praising the decision by a judge in Arizona to allow the audit of the Nov. 3, 2020 presidential election to continue…

“BIG victory today in Arizona. A highly respected Judge has just ruled that the Forensic Audit being done by the Arizona State Senate can and will continue. Over 100 Democrat lawyers were sent to fight against this audit. The results will be very interesting for the USA and the World to see! Why are the Democrats fighting so hard to hide the facts? I know why, and so does everyone else!” [Source: Just the News]

In a rare moment of subtly, Trump simply asked why Democrats were fighting “so hard” to block the audit? Trump has long been open about his opinion of the election result. This time, however, he simply asked the question many Americans should be asking.

If Democrats believed this was a fair election, why fear an audit? We all know why.

Author: Joe Smith