Trump Investigation Crumbles, Liberal Prosecutors Jump Ship

It appears the New York City-based investigation (witch hunt) into Donald Trump, his family, and his billion-dollar empire is crumbling right before our eyes.

Trump is no stranger to frivolous lawsuits, even before his ascent to political superstardom. But the degree to which liberal prosecutors and far-left district attorneys will waste taxpayer resources to open phony legal attacks into Trump and his family has ramped in up recent months.

[source: The Washington Examiner]

However, it’s all failing miserably as a major energy shift appears to be underway, and the delusional insidious liberalism keeping these investigations afloat is waning in popularity.

A pair of prosecutors leading the Manhattan district attorney’s criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump and his business empire have resigned.

The exit of Carey Dunne and Mark Pomerantz on Wednesday followed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicating doubts to them about moving forward with the case.

The New York Times reported that there has been a monthlong pause in the presentation of evidence to a grand jury. As part of the investigation, which began in 2019, the Manhattan district attorney’s team last year scored a Supreme Court victory in the fight to obtain Trump’s tax returns. The Trump Organization, Trump Payroll, and CFO Allen Weisselberg pleaded not guilty in July to a 15-year tax fraud scheme following an earlier indictment by a grand jury.

Bragg inherited the Trump case from his predecessor, Cyrus Vance Jr., upon assuming office at the start of the year. During the election cycle in 2020, Bragg boasted of suing Trump and his administration more than 100 times. However, Bragg has made few public statements regarding the status of the investigation since he took office.

Bragg’s criminal investigation has been pursued in tandem with a civil investigation into Trump’s financial dealings run by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

James, a Democrat like Bragg, has argued there is growing evidence that Trump and the Trump Organization “used fraudulent and misleading financial statements to obtain economic benefit.”

Trump has denied any wrongdoing and last year decried what he dubbed a “new phenomenon of ‘headhunting’ prosecutors and AGs.”

Trump, yet again, is proving everyone right…

Author: Elizabeth Tierney