Trump Hosts Packed-Out Rally in Iowa, Just Days Before Dems’ Primary

On the eve of the Democrats’ primary caucus in Iowa, Trump hosted yet another packed-out rally in the state. He blasted his far-left rivals, even pointing to polls from liberal outlets. The president exposed the left’s failing impeachment scheme. And he made it clear what was at stake in the 2020 Election. Democrats were sent running for the hills.

Democrats tried everything in their arsenal to take out Donald Trump. For most of his first term in office, they used every dirty trick to obstruct, undermine, and outright defy his agenda. They were counting on the Ukraine impeachment hoax to either remove him or hurt him enough he couldn’t win in November.

But is it really happening? Thanks to the left’s rushed and incomplete impeachment in the House, the Senate is on the verge of acquitting him. Americans have abandoned impeachment. Even liberal voters are convinced he shouldn’t be removed from office.

This entire charade was meant to hurt Trump’s chances against the left’s milquetoast candidates. But how is it currently looking? Even the New York Times—a wildly dishonest and biased paper—had to admit Trump’s got them all beat.

These numbers are from a liberal newspaper, who has every reason to tweak a poll in their favor. Yet they have Trump beating every last frontrunner on the left. It’s interesting to note how the establishment Democrats are still pulling for Biden, even though he’s slipping in primary polls to Sanders.

We know Trump will win by greater margins than he did in 2016. Why? Because since that election, he’s made good on every last promise to the American people. And despite the fake news, voters are seeing it. Trump visited Iowa, where Democrats have been vying for votes all month, to hold another packed out rally.

And he reminded the country of his stellar success.

Trump took the stage at Drake University in Des Moines for his fourth rally of the year, which may draw attention away from the Democrats seeking to unseat the president on Election Day, some of whom have been crisscrossing the state for weeks…

Trump touted the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement [USMCA] trade deal he signed on Wednesday to replace NAFTA, as well as the U.S.-China trade deal, specifically how it would help farmers in Iowa. “You farmers in Iowa are going to have to get bigger tractors and a hell of a lot more land,” Trump said…

Trump said that while Republicans have been “creating jobs and killing terrorists,” Democrats have been “obsessed with the deranged witch hunt hoax.”

He added, “They want to nullify your ballots and overthrow the entire system of government. [Source: Fox News]

Trump spoke to a stadium at full capacity—something we’ve gotten used to seeing since his first campaign. Honestly, Democrats are terrified every time they see a Trump rally. They had hoped their non-stop abuse of the administration would have discouraged Americans from supporting Trump. Just the opposite has happened.

In fact, it seems support for Trump is surging, because of impeachment. Americans of all stripes watched as Democrats tried to wrongfully remove Trump from office. Meanwhile, Trump signed major deals with China, Mexico, and Canada. He’s blasted terrorists. And he’s securing the border.

What has the left produced in the form of presidential candidates this year? Joe Biden, a man haunted by scandals from China to Ukraine. Bernie Sanders, a man who wants to end your economic prosperity by creating a socialists state. Elizabeth Warren, a flip-flopper who wants to do the same thing as Bernie.

And the rest? Well, their all too unimpressive to talk about.

Trump is predicting a Historic Landslide in November. Democrats will watch as Trump scores even more electoral votes than in 2016.

Hmm… I wonder how they’ll try to spin that win? Will they accuse the Russians again? Say it was a computer hack? They’ll have to make up a bigger lie than the ones they’ve been peddling the last four years.

Anything to ignore the fact that Americans want Trump, not them. But it won’t change the facts.

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