Trump Hits Campaign Trail — Is This the Sign Americans Have Been Waiting For?

Ever since Joe Biden stumbled his way into office, Americans have been clamoring for change. The events of Afghanistan have only underscored Biden’s lack of leadership, integrity, and basic common sense.

If the chaos in Kabul hasn’t convinced voters Biden is a loser, nothing will. The country is reeling from an open border, vaccine chaos, rising inflation, and a struggling economy. Perhaps the only hope is getting rid of the leftists who run D.C. and the return of an American First president.

Many continue to hold out hope that Trump will return to the campaign trail. The 45th president has not officially revealed his 2024 plans, though the evidence is mounting that he’ll return. Now, a new development casts further weight behind the man’s return to politics.

Former President Trump says he’s returning to Iowa for a rally, adding to speculation about a 2024 presidential run…

“We’re doing some more… We’re going to Iowa. We’re going to Georgia. We’re going to some others.”

A source familiar with Trump’s plans told the Des Moines Register initial conversations had begun about holding an Iowa rally.

Earlier this month, Trump’s leadership PAC hired two Iowa political consultants – Eric Branstad and Alex Latcham – as senior advisers, another possible indication of his interest in Iowa, according to the Des Moines Register. [Source: Just the News]

Trump announced the possibility of an upcoming rally in Iowa. For those unaware, Iowa is the first state that holds primary elections. Those hoping to snag the nomination from their party have to campaign early in Iowa.

President Trump has held several rallies over the summer in various battleground states. He has vowed to help numerous GOP candidates, so the party can retake Congress in the 2022 midterms.

But for him to plan an event in Iowa? That is more likely a sign he is preparing his own primary agenda.

If Trump wants to run for president again, he’ll have to engage in another primary battle. In 2020, he was essentially a shoo-in, because he was an incumbent president. But if he runs in 2024, he could face some GOP competition.

Some have speculated that Mike Pence, Trump’s former running mate, is mulling a presidential run. And people have thrown around several other names as well, including up-and-coming GOP stars.

But something tells me that Trump has the advantage. He is still the driving force in the Republican Party. So far this year, his PAC has raised over $100 million. If he does decide to run again, it’s possible other Republican candidates will just sit out.

Americans are eager for an official announcement, though. Perhaps just to watch liberal screech in horror. They really thought they got rid of Trump for good after the pathetic excuse for an election in 2020. For Trump to mount a campaign will drive some leftists insane.

That’s enough to make it worth it.

Author: Thomas Graham