Trump Hilariously Trolls Mainstream Media By Tweeting This Photoshopped Picture

Image Source: Twitter screenshot

Apparently some believe tweeting dog photoshops is an impeachable offense

Critics of President Donald Trump went into full meltdown mode after he tweeted a photoshopped image of the heroic military dog from the ISIS raid being awarded the Medal of Honor.

“AMERICAN HERO!” the president tweeted enthusiastically in all capital letters.

Trump was celebrating the unnamed military dog who corned ISIS terror leader al-Baghdadi and forced him to detonate a suicide vest. The dog was slightly injured in the blast.

What was likely meant as a humorous photoshop was taken as a deathly serious matter by those less serious elements of social media.

“Trump’s photoshopped image disrespects all brave Americans who have served in our military,” tweeted liberal activist Scott Dworkin.

The New Yorker staff writer Naomi Fry responded, “omg trump pinned a tweet about the dog AGAIN.”

“Trump, bro, this is beyond gross. This is obviously photoshopped. It’s not even a meme or something funny to laugh at because the subject material is plausible for many people who do not examine the picture carefully and don’t notice the unnatural lines and silhouettes,” responded Trump critic Eugene Gu.

Some mainstream media news outlets also took umbrage at the photoshop image.

Supporters of the president and other critics of the news media took the opportunity to mock journalists and present the episode as the latest example of bias against Trump.

Here’s more about the hero dog:

Author: Carlos Garcia

Source: The Blaze: Trump tweets photoshop of military dog being awarded the Medal of Honor, and the internet is in full meltdown mode

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