Trump Hilariously Tricks Tik-Tok Teens Into Backing Him

All across America, Trump supporters are showing their support with rallies and other events. They often provide spaces for attendees via online forms. But a TikTok user—an apparent teen Biden supporter—got users to reserve spaces at a New York event using fake names, so no one else could go. When the organizers realized what was happening, they made sure these trolls got what they deserved.

When Trump returned to his legendary rallies in the summer, he chose Tulsa, OK as his first stop. The event did not go off without a hitch, thanks to a number of factors. Left-wing protestors tried to scare away attendees, as the media spread rumors of violence against those waiting outside. There were also reports that local police at one point prevented people from entering the venue—meaning thousands of supporters were left outside.

But Democrats thought they had spoiled Trump’s event, because they encouraged leftists to reserve tickets, but never show. That seemed to inspire an apparently brain-dead user on TikTok to do the same at a Staten Island Trump event. She got many of her users to reserve seats, using fake names, with no intention of showing up.

They hoped the seats would be taken, preventing people who actually wanted to go to get seats. Then, it would appear as if nobody wanted to rally for Trump in Staten Island, NY.

A petty tactic if you ask me, and one pretty typical of the left. All it does is make it appear that Trump doesn’t have plenty of supporters, when in fact he does. Yeah, the media might poke fun, but it only further deludes the left of Trump’s growing support (even in NYC). That’s why they freaked out on Election Night, 2016. And why they’ll have a meltdown this November.

But when the organizers realized this scheme, they had a brilliant comeback move.

“On Sept. 19, out-of-staters using fake, frequently lewd names — including ‘Grabemby DePussay,’ ‘Ivana Punchyou’ and ‘F–kyou Trump’ — began signing up online for the ‘TRiUMPh Rally,’ a free get-out-the-vote event,” according to the New York Post…

Lantry’s wife Jessica was able to track down a TikTok video with over half-a-million views from a 19-year-old Brooklynite known as Felisrae, who essentially urged followers to sign up for the event and not attend…

In an attempt to dissuade the Trump-hating TikTok frauds, the event holders added a nonrefundable $5 fee to reserve tickets…

The Trump-haters donated $15,785 via the reservation fee, the Post said, noting that “[no] seats were provided at the open-air rally, and the event drew 2,500 locals, who filmed a get-well message for Trump as he recuperated from his bout with COVID-19.” [Source: Daily Wire]

How stupid do you have to be to pay for tickets you don’t intend to use, just to troll Trump? I’m sure those liberals thought they were being so brilliant—reserving tickets to trick the GOP. But when you use obviously fake names, then the jig is up. The move to add a fee was brilliant. It should have stopped them, but these liberals are that stupid.

They raised nearly $16,000 for the Republican Party—in an effort to spite the Republican Party. Is there a better illustration of the modern left? By trying to hurt Trump and his supporters, they ended up hurting their own cause.

You can say that about everything Democrats are doing, these days. From D.C. to Brooklyn, Democrats can’t help but aid Trump’s re-election bid.

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