Trump Highlights Vaccine ‘Miracle’ To Crowd Of Skeptical Supporters

Whether or not one gets vaccinated has been a contentious topic of discussion for most Americans who don’t respond well to government propaganda. Actually, you’d think there would be more skepticism simply due to the fact that Joe Biden, et al have done everything they could to push the medical treatment on 100% of the population without addressing the concerns of some who remain skeptical.

In fact, not only are they not addressing the concerns, they are actively waging war against vaccine skeptics by making everyday life virtually impossible through the use of mandates and other restrictive measures.

Well, Donald Trump is no fan of vaccine mandates — and he’s the one who’s responsible for the rapid distribution of all three vaccines.

President Donald Trump told tens of thousands of supporters in Cullman, Alabama, on Saturday night to take the coronavirus vaccine — though he also said it was important that they have the freedom to choose whether to do so.

Trump made his remarks at a rally in which he blasted President Joe Biden’s inept handling of the coronavirus, the Afghanistan withdrawal, the economy and other issues.

Then he touted the vaccines — enduring, and defusing, some boos:

Trump has been criticized for not advocating vaccination more vociferously. However, the Biden administration has never asked for Trump for help, and has never given him personal credit for his role in the development of the vaccines last year.

The Former President’s remarks this weekend should silence the Fake News reporters from CNN, MSNBC, et al as they continue to make horrific claims that somehow Trump and the Republicans are responsible for the rising rate of positive cases and deaths.

Except we have a feeling the hysteria will continue, regardless of Trump vaccine praise and recommendation in the heartland of his support.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth