Trump Has No Patience For Biden’s Pathetic Excuses

You can judge a person’s strength by watching them in times of crisis. That’s doubly true for a leader, when they are forced to handle an unexpected problem. And for a president, that’s really the only time their leadership matters.

When Joe Biden handles problems, he shows his true colors. The man is a coward who cannot deal with even the most common crises. After ignoring the fall of Afghanistan, Biden remerged for just a few minutes, to blame everything on Donald Trump.

Not once did Biden admit his plan to withdraw troops was a mistake. Instead, he claimed he was essentially following through with Trump’s original plan. Except, Biden rejected the agreement Trump made with the Taliban and hastily pulled our troops.

Biden blamed others, as thousands of Americans were left stranded, and rushed away before the media could ask questions. Trump didn’t like that one bit and had a response of his own.

Former President Donald Trump slammed President Joe Biden on Monday after Biden deflected blame for the ongoing chaos in Afghanistan…

“It’s not that we left Afghanistan. It’s the grossly incompetent way we left!” Trump said in a statement after Biden’s address. [Source: Daily Wire]

Trump has been very vocal over the last few days, since the Taliban took over the foreign nation. In fact, we’ve heard more from the 45th president than he have from Joe Biden. But after Biden’s pathetic response yesterday, Trump only needed a sentence to hammer him.

Biden claimed he had to “follow through” on the agreement Trump made with Afghanistan. That was the crux of his excuse over the disaster. But he neglected to mention he broke that agreement when he entered office.

Under former President Donald Trump, the U.S. government had signed an agreement with Taliban forces that would have seen American forces completely withdraw from the country by May 1, 2021, in exchange for Taliban jihadists cutting ties with international terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ceasing attacks on Americans. Biden chose to break that agreement, extending the Afghan War. Biden initially set the full withdrawal date to the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, but then revised the date to August 31. [Source: Breitbart]

Yet we’re supposed to believe it was Trump’s fault Biden created this disaster overseas? When Trump was president, we saw his negotiate numerous agreements in the Middle East. They are all still successful. Had this agreement with the Taliban actually be preserved, who knows what would have happened today?

Biden scrapped it, as he has done to many of the decisions Trump made. He has no right to blame him or anyone else, for how Afghanistan collapsed. Biden is a coward and loser, who has insulted the many American lives that died liberating Afghanistan. He is a traitor for abandoning the Afghan government and the thousands of Americans working in the foreign land.

Trump didn’t need many words to blast Biden this time. All we can do know is wait and see how this drama continues to unfold.

Because, if Congress doesn’t do anything about it now, I promise you Americans will elect a Congress who does very soon.

Author: Albert Westermann