Trump Has 2024 In The Bag — And Now Biden Knows It

It’s not even going to be a contest.

Due to the numerous failures coming out of the Biden administration, Trump easily defeats Biden on every level. Multiple pollsters — both right-leaning, left-leaning and independent — proves just that.

A slew of new polls have come out this week showing the shrinking support for and approval of President Joe Biden, his average now below 50%.

But this week, Rasmussen Reports issued a shocking survey that spells major trouble for Biden. The poll revealed that in an election do-over, Biden would lose to former President Donald Trump.

By a six-point margin, 43%-37%, likely voters would pick Trump over Biden “if the next presidential election were held today.”

The details of the survey, which samples more Democrats than Republicans, showed that Trump would win more women and blacks than he did in 2020 when he lost to Biden, 46.8%-51.3%.

A sizable 14% would choose “some other candidate,” though none were named.

The survey comes at a key point in Biden’s presidency. He is now under fire for bungling America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, increasing inflation, and spiraling crime.

Several other surveys out this week have shown his approval rating underwater, a place Trump floated for much of his presidency.

Left-wing publications have even begun publishing headlines highlighting Biden’s lack of popularity:

A recent Axios headline reads, “Biden’s average approval rating drops below 50% for first time.” The story cited poll trackers from FiveThirtyEight and RealClearPolitics.

The site added, “This marks a precipitous decline from the FiveThirtyEight peak of 55.1% in March and the RCP peak of 55.7% in April.”

Despite showing Trump edging Biden in an election today, most told Rasmussen that they do not regret their 2020 vote. Some 89% said so, led by 95% of Republicans. For Democrats, it was less, 87%.

Author: Nolan Sheridan