Trump Grades Biden’s Job Performance During Hilarious Interview

Public relations genius, master of media, and Former President Donald Trump didn’t disappoint over the weekend when he sat down with Judge Jeanine Pirro for an interview on Saturday Night.

The longtime friends discussed a wide array of topics but focused mainly on the utter decline of America since Trump’s successful reelection campaign was stolen, giving Biden the power to steer the country down a destructive path.

Trump was asked how he would grade Biden’s job performance thus far, as if he were an elementary school student. While the Former President wants nothing more than the success of our country, saying he wishes Biden “would do well,” he cannot give the cognitively deficient president a passing grade.

The Former President didn’t mince words when comparing Biden reign to past administrations, both of which were detrimental for the country.

“I used to say he’s most like Jimmy Carter,” Trump said. “Not a big fan of Bush getting us into the Middle East, to be honest with you.

“I think, though, this is the worst in the history of our country.”

Hitting Biden hard, Trump decried the current president’s destruction of the economy and America’s energy independence, which the previous administration battled hard for, and the current administration takes glee in destroying.

Economy aside, Trump’s biggest gripe – and rightfully so – is the destruction of border security under the leadership of Joe Biden. He spoke honestly and correctly and the current state of illegal immigration, saying without a doubt, “Our country is being poisoned.”

“These leaders, if you call them leaders, they’re destroying our country.”

On crime, Trump is in utter dismay – as are most Americans – at the level of neglect by Democrats amid a giant surge in violent crime. Liberal leaders are handcuffing law enforcement, removing cash bail, releasing criminals on to the streets, and demands budget cuts for police departments.

Trump issued a warning: “They are good at destroying Republicans; they’re horrible at destroying crime.”

The only policing Democrats want to back is political prosecution of conservatives in an effort to rid them from the country. More than ever in U.S. history, the party in power is waging an effective war against those on the other side of the aisle using any means necessary.

They will even lie about an “insurrection” just to prosecute supporters of Donald Trump.

It’s time to wake up.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth