Trump Exposes Dark Truth Behind Biden’s Spending Bill

Joe Biden officially unveiled his next enormous spending project on Wednesday and Donald Trump is not buying it. 

The Former President released a lengthy statement to the press from his Mar-a-Lago office following Biden’s announcement.

Trump destroyed Biden’s “infrastructure” bill from top to bottom, exposing his “radical plan to implement the largest tax hike in American history.” Trump continued to blast the bill as a “massive giveaway to China” that will displace American workers by the thousands.

Trump detailed exactly how Biden’s massive tax increases will destroy American workforce, noting how Biden’s plan “is the opposite of putting America First — it’s putting America last.” 

He continued to blast American companies taking advantage of cheap overseas labor, many of which will be heavily rewarded under Biden’s new plan. He demanded “punishment” for companies who routinely ship jobs to China as an incentive to keep American jobs right where they belong – in the United States.

Details of Biden’s spending bill have raised major red flags with economists and tax experts, many of whom highlight the massive tax spike for businesses and corporations that would far exceed Communist China’s. The Biden administration claims the bill is focused on repairing America’s broken infrastructure, but it barely does that. Billions, even trillions, of taxpayer dollars are allocated to Far-Left initiatives like “housing,” elderly and disabled care, “clean-energy credits,” and useless alternative energy sources like wind and solar.

Author: Asa McCue 

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