Trump Ends California Negotiations – Hammers Them With New Rule

By Jon Brenner March 13th, 2019 | Image Source: Patriotjournal

California overplayed their hand – so Donald is laying down the law!

California just won’t stop misbehaving, will they?

After they tax their citizens through the roof, they request billions in federal dollars from Trump to fund their liberal plans.

I can’t believe they’ve gotten away with it for so long.

But if Trump has his way, one of California’s worst policies is coming to an end. From The Daily Caller:

The Trump administration is done trying to negotiate with California, and will move forward with plans to revoke the state of its authority to set tougher fuel efficiency standards.

The move to revoke California of its waiver comes as the Trump administration is also looking to freeze Obama-era efficiency rules meant to cut carbon emissions from the transportation industry.

California has been setting tougher “green” standards for years, costing its residents more – and Trump is determined for his EPA to set the entire nation’s standards, not California.

You would never guess how much money these changes would save America – up to $500 BILLION, plus 1,000 lives each year.

Obama’s regulations to raise fuel economy standards made the roads less safe and far more expensive.

And somehow, California thought his rules weren’t strict enough.

But Trump wants safe, affordable roads in every state of the union, and he’s not going to let California’s green policies stand in his way.

California kept pushing the global warming story to get more tax dollars, but Trump needs that money for things that are proven – like stopping the border crisis.

Author: Jon Brenner

Source: Patriotjournal: Trump Ends California Negotiations – Hammers Them With New Rule

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