Trump Drafts Ultimate Solution to Mass Shooters

In light of recent shootings over the summer, Republicans and Democrats have been putting forward “solutions.”

The left’s idea of keeping Americans safe always involve punishing law-abiding citizens in the form of more gun control. But President Trump and the DOJ have a better idea. And it has everything to do with punishing those responsible.

Nobody wants mass shootings. I think that’s safe to say, right. Whenever news hits that a monster opens fire on innocent civilians, all of America is heartbroken. But we have to keep it all in perspective. There are an estimated 200 million firearms in the United States. Barely a fraction of them are used in criminal activities. Even less in mass shootings.

Only a scant few people choose to use firearms (acquired legally or illegally) to commit violence against innocent lives. Yet the left’s proposal to increase gun control will punish law-abiding Americans who deserve to own firearms for self-defense.

Criminals, on the other hand, have no problem finding guns illegally.

If we are to end the ongoing trend of mass shootings, we need to find better ways to fight back. Prevention sounds nice, but we can’t predict with certainty who will commit a shooting and who won’t.

The alternative, then, is to discourage would-be shooters from even considering harming others.

Deterrents are the key, including Americans arming themselves so they can defend their families.

President Trump has another brilliant deterrent: punishing mass shooters with the heaviest penalty imaginable.

The White House said Monday it has drafted legislation with the Justice Department that would expedite the death penalty for people found guilty of committing mass shootings…

Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff, Marc Short, told reporters aboard Air Force Two that the initiative was part of a larger White House gun control package that will be sent to Congress after lawmakers return from their August recess on Sept. 9…

There has been little hesitation from the Trump administration on the issue. In August, Trump said he was “directing the Department of Justice to propose legislation ensuring that those who commit hate crimes and mass murders face the death penalty,” adding that he wanted “capital punishment be delivered quickly, decisively, and without years of needless delay.” [Source: Fox News]

Democrats talk a lot about passing stricter gun control and exploring ways of address “mental health” issues. They seem to think they can prevent mass shootings by disarming potentially dangerous people.

But there are plenty of problems with their plans. Firstly, we already have strict gun control in the form of background checks and other limits across many states. They haven’t worked in preventing shootings. Second, explain to me how we’re going to predict someone’s mentally unwell enough to cause a mass shooting?

Is this Minority Report? Are we going to have family and friends spy on each other—reporting us to the government? Will we have to pass a psychiatric test just to exercise our Second Amendment rights?

No, the only sure way to prevent mass shootings is to make the act totally unattractive to someone who wants to cause harm. If a shooter knew they would face the death penalty for their crimes—instead of being glorified in the media—more than a few would think twice.

Most of the shooters who commit these crimes are seeking attention and fame. If they knew all they would get out of it was death, they wouldn’t be so eager to pull the trigger.

President Trump seems to be the only leader sensible enough to put the blame of shootings where it belongs: on the shooter. If someone is evil enough to take up a gun and hurt civilians, they should be put to death.

Couple that with the knowledge that armed civilians will be able to shoot back to defend themselves, I promise you we’ll be seeing far fewer mass shootings.

But in order for this to happen, our lawmakers have to work with the White House. But will they? I guess we’ll have to find out.

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