Trump Dismantles Impeachment Hearing with Single Tweet

Yesterday, Democrats held the first public impeachment hearing over possible crimes committed by President Trump. Despite a total lack of evidence, Adam Schiff and his cronies continue this charade. After hours of testimony and furious news coverage, one thing was clear. Donald Trump took to Twitter to set the record straight and exposed the left’s empty hand.

If you’re getting tired of this impeachment circus, let me say one thing: so am I! Patriots, or anyone with a brain, can see Donald Trump did not commit an impeachable offense. Long ago, he released the transcript of the call this whistleblower complained about. Not once did Trump do what Democrats say he did.

He did not pressure the Ukrainian president. Nor did he offer some kind of “quid-pro-quo.”

The evidence is not there. Yet Democrats keep up this impeachment inquiry. Adam Schiff is dragging witnesses before his committee, hoping their “testimony” will seal Trump’s fate. But none of the people testifying had first-hand knowledge of the call, or they can’t provide any evidence that Trump did something wrong.

All we have are deep state, anti-Trump goons that are looking for a chance to hurt the President of the United States. We know the swamp runs deep. There are many, many government agents in D.C. that want Trump gone. Why? Because he’s putting Americans first, not the lobbyists or special interests that control that town.

So their cronies in government are doing whatever they can to hurt the president. First, they did it with the Russian hoax (which failed). Now they are doing it with this even more pathetic Ukrainian whistleblower hoax.

But after the first day of public hearings, Trump knocked the wind out of the left’s sails. In just one tweet, he revealed that the left’s entire argument is empty.

.@RepRatcliffe asked the two “star” witnesses, “where is the impeachable event in that call?” Both stared straight ahead with a blank look on their face, remained silent, & were unable to answer the question. That would be the end of a case run by normal people! – but not Shifty! [Source: Twitter]

Wow. The Democrats’ two witnesses went on and on about what they “think” Trump did. Their opinions about Trump and his call are being used by the Democrats as “evidence” of wrongdoing.

But when asked directly to point to what Trump did that was impeachable, neither said anything! In fact, they just stared ahead like zombies, with blank looks on their faces.

Why the heck did they do that, you might ask? Because, they were coached by liberals to say certain things to hurt the president. But when asked point-blank to name what Trump did wrong, they were trapped.

They knew Trump didn’t do anything wrong, but the couldn’t admit that in public! So, they were forced to just sit there and say nothing—like the idiots they are.

Their non-answers are proof that even they don’t think Trump committed an impeachable offense. They couldn’t even point to a single moment in the call that could be considered a crime. Because Trump didn’t commit a crime.

In a real case, this would be the end of it. But this has never been a real case. This has always been a circus run by Schiff. Just because your “star” witnesses just failed (before the whole country), doesn’t mean you pack up and leave.

Democrats have banked their entire party on impeaching Trump. The moment Nancy Pelosi backed the impeachment inquiry, they were doomed. They either have to impeach or die.

We know there is nothing in Trump’s call that can be impeachable. But if Democrats back down now, they will lose the support of their lunatic base. They have to follow through with this sham inquiry and eventually put impeachment to a vote in the House.

What will happen then? If Democrats don’t impeach Trump, they will lose big time in 2020, as their base won’t support them.

But if they do, Trump will finally get to defend himself in open court. Then the left is really screwed.

The Democrats really doomed themselves, didn’t they?

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