Trump Destroys Biden In Explosive New Interview

When it comes to Joe Biden’s disastrous border policies, Trump does not mince words. The Former President had much to say in an explosive interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Tuesday. Trump highlighted the glaring reality that Biden’s border nightmare is “destroying our country” and he predicts the situation will worsen – very soon. 

Bartiromo first pointed out that Biden’s first order of business was to reverse or destroy the progress Trump made at the southern border. She noted how construction of the border wall halted almost immediately and, as a result, an onslaught of illegal immigration and violent crime has ensued. 

Trump lauded his breakthroughs on the immigration crisis, replying, “My policies were working better than they’re ever seen” on the southern border. 

On the growing influx of illegal immigrants Trump revealed, “Right now our country just cannot handle it.” 

“It is a crisis like we’ve rarely had and certainly we’ve never had on the border,” Trump added. The Former President voiced his concern that the situation as it stands will not get better, but much worse. 


Joe Biden was pressed on the border crisis by the fake news hack George Stephanopoulos in an ABC interview set to air this week. When asked if migrants should keep flocking to the U.S., Biden gave a resounding “NO.” 

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