Trump Demolishes ‘Wokeism’ Once And For All

Donald Trump says what others are thinking — and that’s why he resonates with the populous. Since the beginning of his political career, Trump inspired millions to speak out against the insidious radical Leftism creeping into society.

Millions of Americans feel solace that such an influential political figure, and former president of the United States, is speaking out against the far-Left cultural takeover via endless wokeness. As it turns out, most people just want to live their life to the fullest — not be bombarded with joyless Leftists who are hell-bent on destroying society.

On Saturday, Former President Donald Trump warned against the Left’s growing attempt to infect American and its beloved institutions with “wokeism” and radical politics.

“Woke politics takes the life and joy out of everything. Wokeism makes you lose, ruins your mind, and ruins you as a person. You become warped. You become demented,” Trump began.

The speech took place in Phoenix, Arizona during the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit — a convention for conservative-minded youngsters.

Trump cited multiple examples of how insidious “wokeism” is destroying society and contributing to the degeneration of what America has always stood for.

One example given by the Former President is Team USA Women’s Soccer Team. The team as a whole have been in the forefront of woke politics, campaigning for Joe Biden in 2020 and protesting the National Anthem.

But as the story goes: ‘Go Woke, Get Broke.’

Most of the players on Team USA took a knee before before their game their game vs Sweden at the Tokyo Olympics. And we can probably all guess what happens next…

That’s right. Team USA lost 3-0 in a major upset against Sweden. Perhaps the ladies on Team USA should focus more on their soccer skills and less on political activism.

Trump also lamented the decline of one of America’s past times due to woke protest — Major League Baseball.

“First, we saw the embarrassing spectacle of the commissioner of baseball, bowing to the radical left on voter fraud,”

He also took aim at the Cleveland Indians after they made the politically correct decision to change their name. The Ohio baseball team is now called the Cleveland Guardians.

“The insanity of the left knows no bounds. And both Indians and baseball fans should be greatly insulted,” Trump said.

Trump then issued a direct warning to the wide audience. He warned of the Left’s systematic efforts to destroy American culture, history, and heritage. He said now is the time to stand up to the socialist bullies — and he’s right.

“We embrace free thought. We stand up to political correctness. We don’t like political correctness,” he said. “And we reject the intolerance of left-wing cancel culture.”

The former president reemphasized the Republican party’s commitment to restore patriotic education to the United States and protecting Judeo-Christian values and the Constitution.

Author: Asa McCue