Trump Cracking Down on Leakers, First One Faces the Music

Image Source: The Nation

The D.C. swamp has a long history of leaking sensitive information to the press.

People in important positions within the government and intelligence agencies often leak this intel to people they in bed with—literally. That has created a serious threat to our national security. But Trump has declared those days are over with one big move.

We call Washington, D.C. a swamp for a reason. The corruption that oozes from our nation’s capital seems to know no limits. Regular folks like you or me expect our leaders to be held to a higher standard. They’ve been chosen to serve our best interests, right? That means they should treat every aspect of their job as critical—even sacred.

That’s far from reality. Most people who work in D.C. do it for the paycheck. Many of them get government jobs, hoping it will result in a nice, cushy private-sector job in the future. Their access to sensitive information, even classified data, makes them valuable to companies the world over. That’s especially true for big media companies.

Government workers and people in the media have no scruples when it comes to getting juicy information. They’ll do anything and I mean anything to get their hands on leaks they can spin into stories.

Many of the leaks we learn about came from intelligence officers (or other government staff) who are sleeping with people in the media. Hey, it’s pretty easy to prod someone for important information when they right next to you in bed. The situation all too common. And it creates a national security crisis.

But Donald Trump has said enough. After several years of unprecedented leaks and threats to our government, he is cracking down. In fact, the first government officer known for leaking has been arrested.

Amidst a battle between the President of the United States and the Intelligence Community that has sparked formal impeachment proceedings against the president by Democrats in Congress, federal law enforcement officials have formally charged one intelligence community official with leaking highly classified information to the media.

This comes in the wake of a top-ranking congressional intelligence committee staffer facing similar charges of leaking last year and sets the stage for a larger fight between Trump and intelligence community leakers…

The case of the leaker ensnared on Wednesday showed how anti-Trump intelligence officials are using their relationships with the media to risk their careers to leak classified information embarrassing to the Trump administration. [Source: Breitbart]

The first leaker to be arrested is Henry Kyle Frese a Defense Intelligence Agency employee. He leaked classified information to two reporters, one of whom he was romantically involved. On at least two occasions he accessed government networks for information to give to these reporters. The Justice Department said Frese “was caught red-handed disclosing sensitive national security information for personal gain.”

Leakers like Frese are putting their partisan agenda ahead of the country’s safety and welfare. They are willing to violate the oaths of their jobs and the responsibilities given to them, to hurt the president and to impress the people they are sleeping with.

I mean, how hard up is a guy when he needs to jeopardize America’s national security just to get laid? Talk about pathetic, right?

But these goons are more than just desperate for sex. They are betraying everything they are supposed to be standing for. They leak pieces of information, knowing the press will spin and distort them to damage Trump’s reputation.

This isn’t about “exposing corruption.” This is a scheme by partisan Democrats waging a propaganda campaign against the President of the United States. They are attacking our very country’s stability and prosperity because they don’t like who’s in the White House.

If you ask me, they should face the highest penalty allowed by law.

Frese is the first in what could be a major move to purge the swamp of leakers. They are breaking the law for political and personal motives. They need to learn such actions will not be tolerated.

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