Trump Chooses GOP Ally To Head Social Media Venture

When you get the opportunity to work for Donald Trump, you take it.

Even if your party is poised to regain its majority in the body you currently hold a seat on.

Such is the case for California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, a longtime Trump ally who just announced his retirement from politics.

Nunes has accepted the CEO position of Trump’s new social media company, TRUTH Social.

On Monday, news broke of Nunes’ decision to leave Congress and venture into the private sector. He currently sits on the House Intelligence Committee and is one of the highest ranking Republicans in the House of Representatives.

Trump Media Group confirmed the move in a statement, saying Nunes will resign from Congress next month and take the helm at TRUTH shortly after.

Rep. Nunes penned a letter to his constituents informing them of his decision to leave public office:

Conservative strategists say Nunes made the right move hanging his Congressional hat for the private sector.

A so-called independent commission is currently redrawing California’s congressional map, and Nunes district remains in questions as new borders are drawn. An early draft of the map shows Nunes’ district weighted toward Democrats, which would put a serious dent in his reelection chances during the ’22 midterms.

California, however, does not require members of Congress to live in the districts they represent, and observers had predicted Nunes would likely run in a different, more Republican-friendly district, if the new map put him in a majority Democratic district.

Nunes has always been a staunch supporter of Donald Trump.

He recused himself during the phony House inquiry into Russia’s involvement in Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory. He faced scrutiny from the House Ethics Committee, who subsequently investigated how Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee handled the Russia investigation.

The decision to leave Congress couldn’t have been an easy one, especially given the likelihood of a massive Red Wave which would bolster Nunes’ powerful chairmanship.

However, with so much on the line and conservative voices being routinely silenced with virtually zero consequence, the fight for freedom is much greater than what can be accomplished in the antiquated House of Representatives.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney